2 Ways to Build a Targeted Email List1

2 Ways to Build a Targeted Email List1

The saying, “The money is in the list,” is true. However, profitable email marketers know that the money is not just in a list, but in a “directed” list.

Unfortunately, it can take some time to build a specific email list to start making a profit. This is where you might think about using other marketers’ lists to create your own.

Here are 2 ways to build a  USA Email Leads list using another marketer’s list …


One of the best ways to build a targeted email list is by purchasing advertising in another seller’s newsletter. When you buy advertising in another marketer’s newsletter and your offer is delivered, make sure your newsletter sign-up form is clearly visible.

Remember, buying leads this way is different than buying leads to use in a direct mail campaign. Those kinds of names aren’t really that specific. When you buy advertising in another email marketing newsletter, you know that those names will be interested in your offering  , as long as you are buying advertising in a newsletter that is in the same niche as yours.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your offering is in direct competition with your prospective marketer’s product, that marketer will not be overly interested in selling you advertising.

With that said, know what that marketer is promoting before you ask about buying advertising.


Another way you can use another marketer’s list to create your own is through a joint venture with them. A joint venture is where another marketer submits an offer to your list on your behalf.


One reason could be that they get paid a percentage for the sales they generate – an affiliate program. Another way is the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” method. They post your offer in their newsletter and you post their ad in yours.

The latter method generally only works when your list and your potential email marketer’s list are almost the same size. They won’t be too crazy about promoting your offering to their list of 50,000 names when you’re promoting theirs to just 100. That’s obvious.

But … if you provide them with some featured content for them to use in their newsletter, they might be happy to send your offer to their list, no matter the size of yours.


When it comes to email marketing, a specific list is the key. Buying advertising from email marketers in a common niche and doing joint ventures with them will really help you speed up the process of building “targeted” lists and allow you to make some profit in the least amount of time.

Another conclusion for US consumers are spend over 933$ billion on e commerce in 2021 that’s why buying USA Email List is crucial for ecommerce business.