4 New Update Google Ad Words PPC

4 New Update Google Ad Words PPC

There are some exciting new announcements from Google in recent weeks. Our Ad Words Specialists in  here to give an overview on the most important update to Ad Words service.

In-et Audiences for Search Campaigns

Similar to the audience in the et for Display or Re campaign, Google will soon allow advertisers to reach users who are ready to buy products and Digital Marketing Company Bath. You will be able to show your ads to potential buyers with the help of data “machine learning” from past users search and website activity.

This is a major new feature for Google Ad Words management, as your ads will only show to those who want to buy your products or services – instead they are examining the broader topic.

Targ live event

Google will also track the online activities recently found consumers who have recently experienced a ‘Life Event’, such as buying a new house, getting married or having a baby. For example, if a user has spent a lot of time in mums.net or pampers.com, they may be an ideal target for an Ad Words campaign for a new range of baby clothes!

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Automatic Top Ad

As a digital  agency in , we know that even the smallest changes in the advertising message can make all the difference. Google plans to use the data of their AI to predict user preferences and present them with the best ad copy, depending on the variations of the text, pricing information or product selection.

Ad Rank threshold

PPC ads must meet a minimum threshold Ad Rank to appear on the first page of results. But now two changes to Threshold Ad Rank may have a significant impact on PPC management. First, the meaning of the query now will affect how difficult it will be to rank for the term. For example, a hot topic or news event will have a much higher threshold than the product search. The second change that today held a Maximum Digital Marketing Agencies Bath Cost-per-click is now more important than quality scores. It is a blow to all Ad Words consultants who have carefully nurtured our advertising copy and landing pages to create the best user experience. Now you really have to put your money where your mouth is!