5 Steps to Follow When Booking a Moving Container!

5 Steps to Follow When Booking a Moving Container!

If there is an upcoming relocation on your mind, and you need to conduct the packing task at your own pace, then you can benefit from moving containers or portable cubes. These moving containers or cubes have become popular and are widely acknowledged and accepted by people and businesses alike, owing to its nature and the countless benefits it provides. One such unique secure storage and moving container concept has also been launched by Agarwal Packers – it has been named ‘Trucking Cube’ – the best thing about booking these moving containers during relocation is that you can choose your required space, without paying anything extra and you can fill in the cubes as per your convenience, whenever you are ready and have time.

But, not everything that sounds pretty is easy. There are certain things, and tips that should be followed if you wish to have a comfortable move, hiring these portable containers. Let us find out what are those:

• Evaluate things to be moved

Every household item that you own is not worthy to be moved into shipping containers. There are certain restrictions imposed on the nature of items owing to them being hazardous and perishable. Though moving containers or cubes are considered a safer option we would advise you to first assess what are the things that you want to move in these cubes. Goods that you will not need in the coming days and things that you can easily do without – the furniture, décor items, crockery, and other basic household items can be easily packed and moved first. If you are moving in too many high-value items, you should opt for insurance to compensate for the damage. In case of moving sensitive and precious plants and tubs, you should clarify everything with the experts beforehand as to how they would be transported, and if the units would be well ventilated and designed accordingly.

• Research the right company

When you are opting for a portable storage facility to transport your goods to your new home, you should be clear that not every moving company offers you this portable containerization facility and those that provide are hard to find. So, make sure you are clear in your mind as to what sort of move you wish to make, do you also need additional service of few days storage of goods in the cube you book for your move, is there any extra charge for the same, and also discuss about the insurance cover that you would want. Also clarify with the professionals of Agarwal Packers and Movers, the statistics of your consignment and how long will the shipment take, is there any facility to receive the priority packages before time, etc.

• Book the right cube size

Today, various moving companies are offering this facility where customers enjoy safe, secure, and hassle-free moving and storage for their goods and possessions. Also, the best part is that customers can choose the right size of the cube that can properly cover their volume of goods. There are different sizes of cubes available, and each of the cubes provides sufficient space to hold your valuables and goods, efficiently. These cubes are heavy-duty, embedded with required safety and security features, and engineered to precision to ensure your goods in the transit undergo no harm even if there is any mishap along the course.
Customers even get an extended one-day secure storage facility if they choose Trucking Cube. The best part is one can even avail part shipment with these cubes.

• Safeguard your possessions

Not everyone prefers to move valuables and possessions in these moving containers because they feel it to be a risky affair. But, if you choose a reliable moving company, that also has the option of portable containers for shipment; you can have a safe and secure move. The reason why people choose portable containers (cubes) as an ideal shipment alternative is that they are well-made, covered, and spacious and come with a lock and key feature to ensure ample protection to customers’ valuables and goods. And if you are worrisome, about whether your goods would be safe, then you can be assured of that because with Agarwal Movers and Packers’ Trucking Cube, customers have the facility of retaining the keys with them till the time the consignment reaches the destination. All you need to take care of is that all your valuables are rightly packed in quality packing materials and moved into heavy-duty cartons and sealed before they are being loaded.

• Follow a packing process

When you are packing a moving container, you should follow a process that keeps things in order and also makes the entire unloading task a hassle-free job. Ahead of placing the final moving cartons and cardboard boxes, you should see if the boxes are rightly sealed with packaging tape, and there are labels fixed with them. Ideally, it is advised to load the larger cartons, which are also the heavier ones first into the moving truck followed by the smaller packages, the lighter ones in a middle way, and towards the end of the container. You can even load the lightweight moving cartons and cardboard boxes atop the heavier cartons you just placed at the back. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed across the moving cube and no side is loaded with too much or too little of the stuff.


Not everyone knows the right technique and the ideal manner that should be taken care of when a moving truck is being loaded with stuff. There is a list of guidelines that one has to follow and ensure everything that has been moved is fit to be moved. There are restricted articles, perishable goods, and dangerous items that should never be moved in these closed containers. Also, these containers come at a price which might seem higher to some people, so one should discuss everything with the professionals and book the right size as per your moving requirement.