5 Tips to help you maximize your internship

5 Tips to help you maximize your internship

I started working in  on the annual placement as part of my course at the University. At first I was alert that taking placement for my third year might be a mistake, it was difficult to know Digital Marketing Company Nottingham what was the right thing to do anytime in your life. But after all, I took a plunge, moved back home from Aberdeen to Barnstaple, moved to a house with my sister and switched from Uni’s life that was quite Cushti to work 9-5.30 Monday to Friday in the office. It was a bit scary at first, but now I’m in swing things I really enjoy my time, so for anyone out there looking for placement / internship / work experience, here are five of my tips to get the most out of your experience:

1. Learn to say yes

When you first enter a new work environment, you know that everyone monitors your every movement, and you want to show that you want to be involved and want to learn. One of the best things I learned so far is by saying yes – even if you think that the task in hand is not something you really know a lot about. On placement, there is always someone in hand to help, and you will be surprised how you can learn just from giving something!

The first time I had to meet alone, I was sure that I would ruined under pressure and came out with bad feelings. I thought I went to meet two women, and it turned out there were five of them! After about 5 minutes, I went into the swing things and felt super confident. When I left the building, I passed the moon that it had run very well!

2. Start work sightseeing

I was lucky enough to find out half of my team going to work with when I started first. However, occurs work occurs, whether drinks after work, special events (or even SEO conferences in our case), help you make friends with your teammates, who in turn make work much more fun! The better you are, the more you can learn from each other and rely on them for tea and practical suggestions!

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3. Regulated

From the point of making your application until the last day, the organization is the key to success! The more organized by you, the easier it is to stay at the top of your workload. Everyone is different in terms of what works for them, whether writes a list, giving dates and tasks into a diary or organizer or dressing your table with post-it notes! Find something that works for you and stick with it.

I like planners and post-it notes because I have a terrible memory

4. Create a work for a fun balance

As much as important to work hard, you need to make sure you have fun along the way. It’s very important if you move to a place that you might not have many friends. Exit and socialize with your Work colleagues at lunch or after work, book travel with your friends for the weekend or invite the two groups together. If you are happy in your home life, you are more likely to be productive at work and less stress.

5. Don’t consider yourself as a child’s work experience Even though you are a work experience, this is the wrong thought to be owned, especially if you are in a long-term placement because you will be at all from the team as every other member. You might be a little less experienced than the rest of your team but it doesn’t matter. If you consider yourself at the bottom of the food chain, it won’t help you build confidence Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham and you might not step into the challenge. Acting as if this is your first day at the right job where you need to challenge yourself and work according to your abilities for the company and you never know, maybe they will want to officially hire you in the end!