6 Amazing Ways to Safeguard Your Belongings During a Move

6 Amazing Ways to Safeguard Your Belongings During a Move

For someone planning a safe and hassle-free move from Agra to Ankleshwar, the primary concern would always be the well-being of their goods and belongings. Also, the distance is quite a bit and it is quite right to be anxious about, after all, relying on a third party to have custody of your prized possessions could be a tough thing to do. But, if you are pondering over this again and again, and are apprehensive about finding a trusted team of moving professionals for your move, then you can choose the packers and movers in Agra – their incredible relocation support and expert guidance would not only help you relocate safe but also easily!

Once you do that, you can check out the below-mentioned smart packing hacks that would prevent any possible chances of damage to your dear possessions and you will relocate to your new home safe and sound, with your packages intact!

So, here it goes…

• Make a detailed moving inventory

Having a detailed inventory list is a must. So, ahead of focusing on how you are going to pack your goods and how you can protect them for the move, you should pay attention to creating a moving inventory – the comprehensive list that would incorporate all the items you are planning to move to your new home. This list would be fool proof evidence to claim for any of the misplaced, lost, or damaged items that you might have dealt with during your move. Now, there is a process of formulating an inventory – make it crisp and clear but do not forget to add crucial details in the description.

• Do not skimp on protective packing materials

If you think spending on packing materials is an additional expense and could easily be taken care of with what the experts would bring in, then you might be wrong! Skimping on this can land you up in a big mess, because the safety and security of your belongings ultimately depend on how meticulously they have been packed, and then how carefully they have been transported. So, make sure you have an ample number of moving cartons & boxes, and other packing supplies like moving blankets, packing paper, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, packing peanuts, heavy-duty packing tape, scissors, bold markers, etc.

• Ample padding and taping is a must

The foremost thing to ensure your belongings are safe during the transit upheaval is to see if they are properly packed and sufficiently insulated with bubble wraps, coats of plastic sheet, stuffed with crumpled paper, tissue paper, and finally enveloped with moving blankets and sealed. Plenty of padding can absorb any possible shock, jerk, jolt caused to the delicate and specialty items during the transit. Not just the articles – mementos, collectibles, ceramic and crockery, glassware, and exquisite décor items but also the electronics and furnished furniture should be enveloped amply in quality packing materials before they are being shifted into the moving cartons and boxes. Note there is no space left within the moving boxes and everything is properly sealed with sufficient layers of duct tape. Also pay attention to the prodding corners of your artwork, pictures, and photo frames by covering them with corner protectors.

• Follow right & safe packing process

If you know the right packing measures and have time to research some damage-free packing and moving tips ahead of your move, you can carry out your relocation in a pretty decent manner. Although if you are hiring movers for the task, there’s nothing much to worry about! But, still, if you wish to be aware of some hacks, you go do that. Some of the tips we would love to share are:

  1. Avoid overstuffing moving boxes.
  2. Wrap every fragile article with packing paper.
  3. Crockery and glassware should be stacked vertically.
  4. The bottom of the moving carton should be layered with packing paper.
  5. Crumpled paper, old clothes, can be great for enhanced cushioning.
  6. Label the moving cartons as ‘fragile’ if it carries delicate items.
  7. Every moving carton should be labelled before being transported onto the moving truck.
  8. Place bulky items first followed by lighter ones in the moving boxes.

• Appoint a professional moving team

Conducting a relocation, safely and successfully is possible only if you have a diligent team of packers with you. They take charge of everything – from lifting heavy furniture to packing those complicated appliances and electronics, that need a specialized handling process. Also, they are so swift that they fulfil all the packing, lifting, loading, and unloading tasks efficiently, in a short period. So, make sure you book a reliable team of movers that has proper licensing and registration terms, after investing a good time in researching the moving companies and comparing the quotations. Discuss the expenses and clarify the hidden charges if any.

• Buy an all-inclusive moving insurance

You are transporting your entire house articles but are concerned more about the expensive, fragile articles and other specialty items because they are the most precious and you have bought them with your hard-earned money, after years of toil. So, you should have an insurance plan in place, without fail –which is like an assurance certificate to fall back on in case your move undergoes a mishap and your valuables and goods are lost in transit. There have been cases where customers lose their belongings during transit accidents and an insurance claim does help to recover a major section of the incurred loss.


You might have weighed multiple options and reviewed several relocation guides to have the best moving tips, but if nothing seems to appeal to you, simply because they are too complicated, then you can always refer to this simple and sorted guide that highlights the 12 best ways to protect your goods during a move! But, here is an advice – make sure you hire the movers and packers in Agra on time, so you can lift some moving burden off your shoulders and make it easy!