7 Things web developers need to make your e-commerce store!

7 Things web developers need to make your e-commerce store!

A web developer will work with you to make sure your online store setup went smoothly, but to make sure that your Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth e-commerce store is set at the right time there are some things you can do to help the process along.

Color scheme and logo
Decide on a color scheme if you do not already have one, web developers will be able to recommend a complementary color scheme that suits you. If you already have a website or branded materials, send them to cross to the web developer. This will give them a good idea of ​​the style and themes to ensure your e-commerce store fit your brand there.

They will also need a logo, try to provide a high-quality version of your logo as well as black, white and full color variants so that web developers can optimize the use of your logo on your e-commerce store

How can I get the product to my customers?
Our work how you will get the product to your customers. Do you need a courier, you can send them in the mail or can you give on their own? Can I offer the Click & Collect? If you run a service person can book online? This is something you need to consider in the beginning so your web developer to build this option into your e-commerce store.

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Payment information
When establishing an e-commerce platform we need to include a payment gateway, this is how payments get from your customers. For this, the web developer will require payment and account information. If you are concerned about security issues you can always ask for a meeting and it can be set up in the meeting.

product information
When establishing an e-commerce store is important that you have all the product information ready so that developers can add them all in one go to avoid mistakes. You will need to provide a list including the product name, SKU if applicable, price, description and any variations such as color or size. If you have a more complex variations such as made to measure product developers can include the option to make this possible. We always recommend creating a spreadsheet with all of this data,

photo products
Product photos are one of the most important things to consider when adding products to the e-commerce platform. You need to consider the quality, they need to show your products at their best. Consider investing in some professional photo if you intend to sell online.

When providing photo for your developers ensure they are properly named. Unnamed or named standards are not good photos, the developer will need to spend unnecessary time figuring out who’s photographs of products or they have to contact you.

Offers, discounts and promotions
A great way to start an e-commerce store is for special deals and discounts offered, whether it is for the first 50 customers or for a full week, it’s up to you. With an e-commerce store, you can have different types of deals. You can have a percentage of purchases storewide or Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth put a discount code that must be entered in the register. You can have the money from the code as £ 10 off when you spend £ 50 offers free delivery is always a great way to start, which does not like free shipping?

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