8 Expert Ways to Choose a Full-Service Reputable Moving Company!

8 Expert Ways to Choose a Full-Service Reputable Moving Company!

Struggling to find a reliable team of moving professionals for your next move? Planning to shift from Chandigarh to Chennai? Could not find an ideal team of packers and movers in Chandigarh yet? Well, you might then be lacking in your research and analysis.

But no need to fret, because coming across an ideal team of moving professionals is not that difficult. All you need to do is pay attention to a few aspects so that you make a worthwhile choice.

Here are the tips:

• Evaluate moving requirements – Ahead of proceeding with your moving plan, you need to first analyze your relocation requirements – the type of move you want to have, the additional services you want to opt for your move, the extra costs you will be paying for the same, etc., etc. Once you know that, finding an appropriate moving deal would be easy. All of this should be assessed before finalizing your professional movers.

• Do some market research – Give your move some time – by the time we mean, you should invest ample time in researching about the best deals active in the market. You should find out the prevailing rates, talk to friends and colleagues, or those in your family who you think can help you out in making a smart choice. Always go for renowned companies with significant experience and online reputation.

• Choose full-service mover – This is simply a tip that booking a full-range, the well-known moving company is one of the best decisions you can make while planning for your move. There are multiple advantages that you can enjoy – like door-to-door services, the assistance of loading-unloading-disassembly-reassembly of goods carried out by the moving professionals, and 24*7 customer support throughout the transit duration. Although all of this comes at a price, when it is about the wellbeing of your goods, you must consider opting for full-service movers.

• Consider key screening methods – There are multiple ways of coming across a reliable moving company. You can ask for references, request recommendations, collect multiple quotations or call the moving companies directly and talk to the experts clearly. Few other ways of screening and shortlisting moving companies are by relying on personal research and assessment, reviewing everything, and then arriving at a decision. But always rely on facts, not any random data that you come across.

• Take note of value-added services – Since you are planning to book a full-service moving company for your relocation assignment, you must check out the services offered by the companies you have shortlisted. This means you need to look at both the aspects – first being the brand recognition of the company, and secondly the type and range of services you can avail from them. Some of the popular services you must look out for in your moving company include:

  1. Specialty items moving services
  2. Fine art and sculpture moving services
  3. Packing, unpacking, and re-arrangement services
  4. Furniture handling services
  5. Electronic items packing, unpacking, and installation services
  6. Storage and warehousing services

Note: Here is a point to remember. Not every moving company has all this comprehensive range of packing and moving services. With every company, the type of assistance varies. So, make sure you select a company that addresses your exact moving requirements and also fits into your moving budget. But make sure you ask about the available services with the company you select for your move.

• Fulfill your pre-move duties – You might be wondering how this is related to your deal-hunting process. Well, then let us inform you that it is extremely important and can help you in enjoying a worthwhile and comfortable moving experience. Since you have already decided to go for a door-to-door relocation service, you must be aware that these full-range services are extremely expensive and at times seems to go beyond the budget. So, make sure you de-clutter and lessen your load as much as you can. Inventory only those items that you would use in the new home. Get rid of the excess stuff and if possible, try selling out old items if they are in usable condition.

• Emphasize certain key tips – Before you finalize your full-service moving company, you must ensure to look into certain aspects – for example:

  1. Reviewing the agreement papers carefully before signing.
  2. Requesting the professional movers for the exact cost, not an estimate.
  3. Insisting professionals for conducting an in-house survey of goods.
  4. Buying full-coverage moving insurance that can reimburse well for your belongings.

• Be aware of the risk factors – You would certainly be aware that there are several incidents of moving scams taking place in the relocation industry regularly. In some situations, customers end up losing their entire consignment of belongings, while in some cases, a lump sum money and in some unfortunate circumstances, both goods and money. Adding to them are the continual hassle, tension, and sleepless nights. So, it is very important to take note of the major signs of moving scams so you do not lose your peace of mind and your belongings.

  1. Your shortlisted company does not have a website.
  2. Information given on the site is either incomplete or hard-to-believe.
  3. No fixed terms and conditions are laid out on the website.
  4. Company authorities not sounding genuine enough.
  5. Experts not agreeing to provide you with a moving cost.
  6. Company charging you with either extremely low moving cost or unrealistically high.
  7. The final moving price quoted to you includes various hidden costs and fees.
  8. Company authority demanding a high fee for escalating even a single step in your move.

Note: When we talk about moving scams and possible signs that determine a moving scam, the list can get endless. But some of the popular moving signs that have happened and are still prevalent in the industry include the ones we mentioned above. You can always research the internet for more information.

When it comes to relocations, it is always good to choose the experts – the movers and packers in Chandigarh, for instance, that you can book for your next Chandigarh to Chennai move. Also, keeping in mind the above-discussed tips can help you to hire a reliable moving associate.

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