8 Remarkable Tips to Consider When Moving To Your New Studio Apartment!

Have you recently bought a new 3BHK apartment? Waiting for the day when you will move into it forever, and live the life you dreamt of? Well, we know buying that amazing property was one of your dreams, and having achieved that now, with the expert assistance from Agarwal Packers, you are on cloud 9! But have you thought of all the belongings that you will move to the new space? Have you prepared an inventory of your goods? Do you need to make new purchases immediately? – Well, those are a lot of questions and stories altogether. So, let’s just proceed with the best apartment moving catalog, that you should have and that you should pack.

Let’s begin!

• For Your Drawing Room – This is one of those spaces that are first looked upon by all the guests coming over to meet you! So, when you are packing items for your new living room in the new apartment, make sure you have the floor plan in hand so you know transporting which furniture and fixtures would be worthwhile. From your smart TV to the center table, beautiful cupboards, and cabinets that adorn the walls of your new living room area – everything should look over closely and the worn-out, unneeded ones should be either sold out or donated.

• Establish your bedroom – Have you decided what all are you planning to move to? If you haven’t yet curated your bedroom inventory, you must do that with someone else from your family assisting you in the process. Bring out everything that you have in the bedroom shelves and dressers and any other possible storage space so you can figure out what needs to be moved and whatnot. Sort bed sheets, comforters, pillowcases, mattresses, blankets, quilts and transfer them in mattress bags and other sturdy cardboard boxes. Insulate the bottom of the boxes and avoid overstuffing them.

• Finalize kitchen packing – You left the kitchen area halfway through and there are several objects and appliances in your pantry section that have not been sorted. Tackling this section could appear challenging there are countless items – from the utensils – to the special crockery items. Along with that, you will also have to take care of the food. So, make sure you first wrap up packing the basics first – your dishes, plates, pots and pans, glasses and cups, and other appliances – baking oven, tea, and coffee maker, gas stove, dishwasher, etc. Bring the packing toolkit and the items that you can.

• Book the moving experts – When you are shifting to an apartment, most of the time, you have to do a big amount of de-cluttering especially if the current place you are residing is in a residential complex. Apartments do not offer you that degree of freedom that you enjoy in a flat or villa. And managing these complicated moves, and managing all the sorting and packing all by you could appear to be a back-breaking affair. So, find an ideal team of moving professionals from a reliable moving company like Agarwal Packers and Movers and breathe easy.

• Time for bathroom set-up – The first thing everyone looks out for after a successful move is to relax and enjoy a great hot water bath. So, make sure you organize your bathroom space soon after you have established all the major spaces of your new home – bedroom, hall, and kitchen. Also, what all you stock in your lavatory and what comforts you while in the shower should all be packed – all your toiletries and cleaning supplies, towels, and bathrobes, etc. Pack your toiletries only a day before the moving day and unpack them first, after you have moved.

• Dealing with the complicated stuff – Now that you have professional assistance with you, you can leave the complex appliance and furniture handling and packing task for them. They will dismantle them, pack and move them carefully and again, get everything put together when you have reached your new apartment. Similarly, all the electronic items and appliances should be prepared before the moving team reaches your place. You cannot manage packing these intricate items as they need intensive care and precise handling. Keep the cords and cables in a separate bag, and anything removable could be packed separately.

• Prepare the vacuuming tools – Have you thought of what cleaning supplies you will need when you will reach your new apartment? You will certainly want to do a deep clean of every room – whether it is your living room or the bathroom. If you want to lessen your strain and want to run a spring cleaning of your new apartment in advance, you can do that too! So the last time you move in there to inspect everything, have a plan of revisit simply to carry out the housework and washing jobs. You can even book cleaning specialists to reach your place once you have moved in. That would be a great initiative too.

• Get the essentials installed – Soon after you move into the new apartment with the moving professionals – from Agarwal Movers and Packers; you will have a pretty organized and sorted moving experience. The experts would also conduct the unpacking and re-arrangement of belongings in your place, so if you have certain tough-to-handle appliances or intricate furniture and fittings, you can ask the movers to establish them in their desired places. Inspect if every moving carton reached you intact and nothing is missing out in between. We would advise you to let the professionals launch the major items like microwave oven, refrigerator, couch, double bed, cabinets, etc.

Note: Remember, you can always make alterations to your personalized version of the apartment moving checklist. If you do not want to move everything from your space and multiply your moving cost, you can always purchase them after settling down in your new apartment.

Apartment relocations are no different from house-moves, but certain things specify apartment moving checklists as distinctive and make them more precise. Make sure you reach out to this checklist of packing tips discussed above for your next apartment moving!