A Gen Z Perspective Climb online

A Gen Z Perspective Climb online

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As a member of Generation Z (the only generation that knows what it’s like to grow with social media) runs into a digital marketing agency I think there is nothing I do not know about the digital world. After all, our generation can easily use the iPad before we could walk or talk. However, much to my surprise there was so much more for digital marketing and online business than I ever imagined.

First impression:
It was 8:30 on a Monday morning when I had my first taste of what online Climb the like. I was introduced to the team in their famous Monday morning meeting, involving Michael’s Commercial Director, ask members of each team to share successes and news from the previous week update everyone of them. Since then I know Climbing the different online, I’ve never seen an atmosphere that is open daily and professional yet as between peers.

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Climb up online is my last work experience was summer, I have done several before. Therefore, I was getting ready to sit down at the table with some papers to file and maybe some tea and coffee orders to deliver. Not really learn something or feel that I do not really add any value. It did not happen. I instantly given a tour of the office, asking about my strengths and 3 things I would like to take out of this week; I am surprised. It is the first company to actually take the time to not only find my work but to play to my strengths.

What I learned:
It’s hard to sum up how much I learned in my time with Online Climb, from social media training for writing reports for clients even interviewed CEO Mark Wright! I learned it all. I may have only been here for a short time but somehow, they managed to expose me to any unique areas of their business.

Not only did I learn all about SEO and PPC and organic vs. paid media, I learned what makes a successful business (which is one of the best things I’ve taken from my experience). Online climb unique combination of professionalism with space for every employee to be themselves creative and find what works well for them, is what has kept growing this company. As Mark said his business is not a “one size fits all”. Each employee is different, and it is recognized – not something I have seen very often.

In short, my time here at Ascend online is very deep. This shows that not all companies are out of date and boring, honest, as Gen Z is a common view on the business of the company. My view has totally 180-ed and now I’m excited at the prospect of one day has the potential to work in Digital Marketing Companies in Bath an organization like this!

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