How Abortion can be done in Dubai 2021

How Abortion can be done in Dubai 2021

Abortion – a difficult decision

Pregnancy is a profound event in the life of a woman and a man. If a woman becomes pregnant unintentionally or unplanned, she has to decide whether to carry the pregnancy to term or to have an abortion from any center like Abortion tablets in Dubai.

Strong motivation to have the child is off set by financial, social, and personal problems that at first glance suggest an abortion at Abortion tablets in Dubai. The rest of life seems to be out of joint. Fear of the future sometimes becomes excessive, the feeling of panic often overshadows all other sensations, an abortion seems to be the only option.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy or to have an abortion should not be carry out of fear or panic. If women and or men in this conflictual situation go to a professional pregnancy counseling center, such as the Abortion tablets in Dubai counseling center in Dubai , they gain space to take a deep breath.

Abortion is a burden for women

Abortion is a burden for women – a gray area for doctors. The UAE gynecologist Gabriele Halder says: “If the termination of pregnancy is regulate in the criminal law, it can only lead to complete undesirable developments.”

On Friday (November 24th, 2017) a court in Giessen sentence the gynecologist Kristina Handel to a fine of 6,000 euros for advertising the abortion. According to Section 219a of the Criminal Code, this is prohibit. The doctor herself says that she only made information available to women on her website. 

Gabriele Halder is also a gynecologist Abortion tablets in Dubai. She carries out abortions in Dubai. Before aborting, she says, she takes great care to adhere to all legal regulations. This includes, for example, that the women have receive mandatory counseling. In addition, there must be a period of reflection of at least three days between the consultation and the termination.

Universities don’t want to teach anything illegal

Doctors must also educate women about various forms of abortion. To inform a patient correctly and comprehensively is time-consuming, says Halder. Everything must also be properly document and track – for example, when and to whom she gave each individual Mifegyne abortion pill.

Termination of pregnancy as such is not deliver. Disease conditions that arise in connection with pregnancies are deliver.”

The abortion is a minor intervention in gynecology, says the gynecologist. However, it is not taught as such, but only comes up in connection with pregnancy – for example when it comes to  restrain abortions or molar pregnancies  .

Since many clinics are in church hands, there is no teaching of what is necessary around an abortion – for example, how to talk to the woman and clarify the ambivalences with her, reports Halder.

“If the termination of pregnancy is regulate in the criminal law, then it can only lead to complete undesirable developments. And we have.”

Free advice before and after an abortion (Get abortion pills in Dubai) in Dubai

At Abortion Tablets in Dubai in UAE, pregnant women and couples in a crisis receive sensitive, competent and free support. We offer

  • Support with difficult decisions, e.g. B. before a termination of pregnancy or an abortion
  • psychological counseling, even after an abortion or an abortion
  • social law information
  • Advice before, during and after prenatal diagnosis
  • Long-term financial support in the form of sponsorships if require
  • financial bridging in emergencies
  • Advice also for fathers or networking with an experience advisor
  • Conversations after an abortion

Advice on action live is open-end

The pregnant women advisors at Get abortion pills in Dubai  in UAE take their time and listen. We try to relieve women in conflict situations and to strengthen confidence in their own strength. We offer specific help in emergencies. Our advice is non-directive and respects the woman’s decision.