Behind the Headlines: Google kindly stand up for consumers or does it?

Behind the Headlines: Google kindly stand up for consumers or does it?

It is said that the advent of Google, Amazon, and other technology giants will surely mean the end of physical retail. Why spend hours in the hallway when the results of your supermarket shopping Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth will give you just a few clicks? Why venture out on a paper towel when you can just ask Alexa to order them for you?

In fact, this retail death reports have been exaggerated. Digital, in fact, provide great opportunities for physical business. Think local SEO, attribution online-to-offline advanced, the growing importance of online business listings.

And now there is news that Google itself seems to stand for retailers-especially brick-and-mortar companies with local brands distributed footprints by promoting in-store purchases ahead of an online search. But how de facto will look for giant actually achieve the goals of his heart seemed to be good? And, more importantly, why?

Google Now: sales associate
Google was recently granted a patent for the automatic delivery of customer assistance at a physical location. On the surface, it’s contextual technology that detects when the user is at a physical location to make a purchase. Then provides the user with a notification unprompted-perhaps through their devices Google Assistant to facilitate the purchase of the product there and then.

Imagine you’re shopping for a smart TV in the store; Your TV previously researched online. Your phone is on. Assistant You ask if there is anything else you need to know about the item you want.

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Wireframe of Google’s patent application

Source: Google’s patent application

Know exactly where you are and which alleys you’ve been browsing, Assistant you considered your “high-income users”. This increased notifications to the second chat support tier-far-and, in turn, sends an in-store sales associates to your location to answer your burning questions about the firmware, connectivity, and the angle can be seen.

So far, very useful. But, being Google, there is so much more going on beneath the surface. You do not have to wait long for the whole idea is to get a little too scary for its own good.

Insatiable appetite for personal data
Part of the proposed Google patent application pertains to the use of the calendar, email, text, social media, instant chat, purchase history, and a list of reminders to generate these notifications unprompted.

That’s a lot of personal information, right? Well, it was not even part disturbing: the list also includes “information related communication with family members”. So, if your partner just bought a turntable, Assistant you may demand your attention every time you venture too close to the speaker cables.

It’s all very reminiscent of the much-maligned target data-driven campaign, which has become something of a marketing case study concluded since 2012. Major US retailer of customer purchase history teenager who she is pregnant; send him offer related to pregnancy. Problem? He has not told his family, which inadvertently learned the news through a discount coupon posted to their homes.

Compare and contrast with Apple, which is taking steps toward greater user privacy, including blocking third party user tracking by default. Do we see the two rivals diverge towards the ends of the spectrum of privacy? Time will answer.

Why-Google redirect people away from a search?
In the patent application, Google positioning itself as the savior of retail, in-store help customers avoid wasting Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth their time “looking for products on the shelves, looking for sales associates, or seek additional information needed to make a purchase while in a store product information”.

But, in essence, the purpose is to stop the user system will be online, where they can complete the purchase. And why, exactly, does Google want to do that?

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