Best Ways to Arrange Your Goods for Storage with Packers and Movers

Best Ways to Arrange Your Goods for Storage with Packers and Movers

In recent times, the need for Home Storage Solutions has increased to alarming rates owing to pandemic situations as well as space crunch in metropolitan homes. Owing to continued work from home in the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the people are likely to opt for short term storage solutions. Agarwal Packers is a well-known name in the packing and moving industry known for offering impeccable Home Storage Service. So, if you have a space crunch at your home or you are partially moving with your family to another location for a few months, then opting for a storage solution is an ideal option for you. Most of the time, we get calls from a number of people, who are moving and desire to safely keep their things in storage. Putting your beloved possessions in safe storage is a cheaper and convenient way to save your hard-earned money. Here, we have prepared some effective tips and strategies to arrange your goods for storage.

How to Prepare Your Goods for Storage

For preparing your household items for storage, first of all you need to sort your inventory. Regardless of knowing where you will store your goods, you should diligently choose the items that you really want to store in the facility. There would be many goods that are not in the perfect condition and you desire to get rid of that item. So, it is advised not to send that goods to the storage. It is better to get rid of unwanted household stuff first.

Be it moving to a different home or moving your goods temporarily to a storage unit, in the initial phase it is your duty to get them packed perfectly. If you have not properly packed your goods in high quality packing material, they might get damaged in the storage unit. One should properly pack their goods while preparing them for storage.

Packing Material Required to Pack Before Storage

Making arrangements for the quality packing material is the prime key to get prepared for the storage. One should make a list of all the items you want to store. Later on, try to figure out the amount of packing material you require.

We have distinctive items in the home which need different packing treatment. So, for them, you will require a varied type of packing essentials. For example: you should have small, medium and large carton boxes, packing papers to wrap crockery, good quality bubble wraps and cushioning, labels, packing tapes and many other things.

If you are purchasing packing material, you must check the packing material to make sure that they are of good quality. Obviously, you will not desire to run short of the packing material. Do check everything diligently and ensure that you own good quality packing material.

Make Use of Right Kind of Packing Material

For extra safety of your goods, you can use good quality boxes especially in the case when you opt for home storage for a longer period. If you have your own plastic boxes then it’s well and good otherwise you can also ask your movers and packers to arrange it for you. The moving company generally provides high quality plastic bins that are made of high quality material.

Do not stack your goods over one another, especially electronic appliances without covering them properly with the wrapping sheet. Most of the time, we use newspapers to wrap the goods but it is not a good option for the longer period. The newspaper might leave a stain on the goods. So, one can use non-printed and acid free wrapping sheets.

Do Proper Cleaning of Goods before Storage

If packing supplies are bought and you have classified the items to store correctly, you should prepare your household items for home storage. Initially, you should clean the dust to make sure that all the items are properly cleaned before packing. So, properly clean and wipe your goods especially home and utensils, kitchen appliances, furniture etc.

If you are preparing items for the long term or short term, you have to make sure that none of the items are left moist and wet. If it is not dry, then you are required to carefully wipe it by using the soft clothes. You can use any method to make it dry but do not pack it in a moist condition.

Prepare Your Home Appliances for Storage

You need to disassemble other home appliances including Computer Set, Music Set, Television and many others. Carefully identify the appliances, remove the power cable and then prepare it before packing. Furthermore, while packing your home appliance make use of soft packing paper. And all the fittings like screws, wires and cables, etc should be packed together and in a separate carton or bag. This will help you later at the time of re-assembling.

Ways to Prepare Your Household Furniture for Storage

It’s time to prepare your heavy furniture for home storage. At this time, you need to disassemble some of the major furniture before packing. Heavy furniture like cupboards, bed, glass top dining table etc. need to be disassembled first. Until and unless you dismantle these furniture pieces, it will be very complex to pack these items for storing. So you should pack them really well by using thick furniture, packing blankets before loading, transporting, unloaded and then storing it.

Ways to Prepare Your Mattresses for Move

If you really intend to keep your mattresses and other bedding material in the storage, always ensure to double check that mattresses are properly dry. If by any chance wet mattresses are packed it will definitely attract the mold and mildew and that’s the last thing you desire. You can use the protective bags to provide extra safety to your mattresses and then cover it with multi-layer packing.

By using these easy steps, you would be able to make yourself prepared to keep your goods ready for storage. Or you can delegate this task to the Agarwal Packers and Movers, who will plan the perfect process for your move at the budget-friendly prices.

Have a Happy and Safe Move!