Calendar Printing

Calendar Printing

Calendars are an extremely popular product in both households and at work. Therefore, they’re ideal as promotional collateral since they can have a long duration. By putting your logo in a subtle manner on every page will serve as a constant reminder of your brand’s image to prospective customers. A dull or boring style will never be able to make it onto the desk or wall So we’ve provided a list of top ways to design an eye-catching Calendar Printing that will draw the attention of your customers and keep them to it!

1. Pick the theme

Your theme could be closely tied to your business, with pictures, graphics, and colors that reflect your company’s image. But you must ensure that the theme isn’t too corporate , as your calendar must be appealing enough for people to use on a regular basis. Select a theme and ensure it is consistent in appearance and feel throughout the month of January until December.

2. Be cautious with images

In the case of calendar images the less is more. Try to select high-quality images that are high-resolution, and will appear crisp and attractive to your viewers. Do not fill your calendar with of different images since this could distract your viewers and appear messy. It can also be difficult to find consistent images to utilize. If you’re in search of beautiful generic images but don’t have any images of images of your own to use, then why don’t you look into some images from stock sites. You are able to search for specific images and download high-resolution versions for use on the calendar pages. When you own these rights,, you can use images on brochures, posters, and leaflets to maintain the same brand’s identity.


3. Incorporate it into an portfolio

Do you have various products, designs or even services? If yes, you can use the printed calendar to show an aspect of your company on each page, creating a great advertising possibility.

4. Maintain it as operational

There are many different formats for calendars available today therefore if you choose an unusual and distinctive design, make sure it’s still functioning. In the final analysis, a calendar has to be accessible with a clear and simple to read calendar system. You can even make use of this opportunity to highlight the most important dates that your company has to ensure that they are prominently displayed.

5. Be sustainable

In addition to the front and back covers, your calendar should have an additional page for each month in the year. You can also choose a double-sided printing that will reduce the amount of pages required which will make it more affordable and more eco-friendly. You can also choose sustainable paper to demonstrate to your customers that they are eco-friendly as a company.

By following these top 5 tips you can make an appealing memorable, highly effective promotional piece. Let your calendar serve as a great element of your business while also keeping your business top of mind thoughts of your customers.