Efficient Ways to Downsize Your House While Relocating

Efficient Ways to Downsize Your House While Relocating

If you are planning to downsize your house to or from Hyderabad then this blog is definitely going to help you out. Like every coin has two sides, moving to a smaller house also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable to hire packers and movers in Hyderabad so that you can focus on other tasks related to the move and they can do all the packing and moving for you.

Sometimes it is easy to know that the time for a big change has come and you first feel it inside and there is nothing that can really stop you from getting what you exactly want.

You will have to manage to live in a limited space but then you will be able to save a lot of money every month. It is never easy to declutter your house if you have been living for more than five years in it.

Follow these steps to downsize your house while moving:

  1. Advantages of downsizing

There are many advantages of downsizing to a smaller house which are too fundamental to be ignored anyhow. You will get to do a lot of things after moving to a smaller house that you were not able to do in the big ones.

• Financial freedom – when you reduce the area of your house then you are able to save a lot of money in the long run. You have to pay lesser rent, lesser tax and the maintenance cost also decreases. So, overall you save a lot of money.

• Lower Utility bills – when you move to a smaller house then the usage of electricity, water supply, internet and all the utilities also decreases. So, you are also able to save that money as well.

• You get more time for yourself – when you live in a bigger house you have to spend more time in daily cleaning so now you would be able to invest that time on yourself and enhance your skills.

  1. Make sure you are moving at the right time

Before you come to a decision of moving to a smaller house, it is very important to make sure that downsizing is going to be a right decision for you and your family. Make sure that you don’t have to regret your decision once you get shifted.

Which is the best time to relocate to a smaller house?

• If you are struggling financially and you are not able to pay the expenses.

• You just retired or are retiring soon, and you’re looking for a good way to have your pension and savings last for a long, long time.

• You have now retired and you are looking for ways to save your pension and it is the best way to save some amount so that you can use it for a long time

• Your current house is very spacious as per the members of the family

• You crave for more free time but are unable to find it due to the constant tasks of maintaining your large home.

• You want some free time for yourself because you are always occupied in maintaining your old house

You should be confident enough before finalizing that your move. Talk to your family and ask for their opinion and then come to a decision.

  1. Create a proper moving checklist

One of the most useful things that you can do while downsizing is to begin working on the required tasks as soon as possible because it’ll be a mad race with Time as soon as your decision to move to a smaller home has become final. The more you leave things to the last minute the more frantic you will inevitably become.

In order to manage your time in a better way, you will have to create a moving checklist that is the detailed to-do list with all the move related tasks that you have to do to execute your move in a successful manner.

It will help you to not to lose time in thinking what to do after completing one tasks because you have already have things aligned for yourself.

It is definitely going to take a lot of time because of all the clutter that you have kept in the house for so many years.

  1. Make sure you arrange for the floor plan of the new house

Before you move to your new house, it is essential to know that which items will easily get in the threshold of your new house. Bear in your mind that the new house will have lesser space than your current one so there is a possibility that you won’t be able to take all the possessions with you.

Another way of not committing mistakes unnecessarily is to ask for the floor plan of your new house from the property agent so that you can measure your furniture and appliances in order to come to a decision. Or as per today’s technology you can also ask the agent to show the house on video call so that you get some more idea.

Measure all your furniture pieces and appliances of the current house and then compare it with the floor plan provided to you. This will help you in coming to a decision because it is very difficult to take all such items of the house along and then taking them back because they don’t fit in. Also, check if you can do any disassembling with the furniture so that it can enter the gate of your new house if the space allows it.

  1. Sort all your belongings in different categories

It goes without saying that hauling a massive collection to your new house can cost you a lot of money. A floor plan will not only tell you about the measurements but it is also important to know that you it is impossible to pack and move everything you have in your house because the new house doesn’t have much space. So, the only logical solution is to sort the things much before the moving day and declutter the items that are useless for you, would not be able to fit in the floor plan or just not worth to be packed and moved

Go room by room to sort things out in a better manner

TAKE – take all the items that are you still use and are worth to be spent on packing and moving. Just check the floor plan when it comes to hefty items.

SELL – sell the ones that are in a good condition but you don’t want to use them or they are not just eligible to the enter the threshold of your new house.

GIFT – if there is anything in the house that is in a good condition but you cannot sell it then ask the friends who share the same interest as you and would love to welcome such thing home. It can be anything like books, plants or sceneries etc.

DONATE – if you have thing that you cannot sell or gift to anyone then consider donating it to someone who is less fortunate than you.

RECYCLE – things that don’t fall in any of the categories listed above then you can put them for recycle. This way you won’t waste anything and also be able to contribute to the environment.

  1. Follow the rule of decluttering

When you have already taken a decision to downsize your house and there’s no going back now. When it is time to declutter, you are generally not sure about some of the items– on one hand, you want to keep them because of the thought that they might come in use in future but on the other hand, you know that packing them for the move will increase the moving costs and it will also be very difficult for you also have hard time to fit them in a house where you are already short of space.

  1. Don’t move the hefty pieces of furniture with you

There is no magic bullet to get the ball rolling on packing. One thing that you should consider while downsizing your house that furniture pieces are generally large and hefty. They take plenty of space in the house and since you are downsizing so you won’t have much space in the house to keep such things. The living space will be very little so it is better that you do something with those furniture pieces as well.

Along with the scarcity of space moving your furniture is an expensive decision because it takes a lot to pack and move such items from one house to another. If you are moving long distance then it will take even more to transport them.

If you can afford to pack and move it then just visualize the floor plan properly and then come to a decision because it would be very disappointing if you take all the furniture of the house to the new place and then you have hard time to even enter it in the threshold of your new house.

  1. Get rid of all the unwanted stuff

Downsizing your house is all about reducing the number of belongings you move between the old house and the new ones. When you have sorted out all your items, it would be better if you get rid of the items that you are not going to take along.

You have enough time till the moving day arrives so it would be better if you think of arranging for a garage sale of the items that are in a condition to be purchased by someone. It is no use of taking the useless things along and occupying the storage space in the new house that you can use for keeping other important things.

Consider donating items to some charitable trust, this way you will also be able to contribute in some good cause and someone who is needy will also be able to fulfill his/her need.

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for the things they have interest in like books, novels, games, plants and the like.

It is very important to get rid of things while downsizing because you are moving to a smaller area which would not be able to accumulate all your current belongings in it. Even if you take them along then you are surely going to have hard time to arrange them. So, it is better to take a wise decision before only.

  1. Pack on your own to reduce the cost of moving

Downsizing your house to save money in for future is an excellent idea for sure as it provides you with some financial freedom in the long run. When you are already thinking so much about saving money then you should also cut the moving cost somehow.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to save money is to pack your possessions on your own and move the things that you intend to use in future. The best cost-saving advice that you should follow is to pack on your own.

You are already not taking any oversized and heavy pieces with you so why should you hire professionals to pack your clothes, footwear and books. These items can be easily packed on your own.

  1. Wisely utilize the storage space in your new house

Because of the fact that the living space in the new house is much lesser than the space that was available in the old ones so it is important that you do the proper space management as soon as you move to your smaller house.

Here are some of the space management tricks that might help you:

• Use foldable and multipurpose furniture that have built-in drawers for the purpose of storage.

• Install shelves in the rooms from floor to ceiling so that you can keep your belongings in them. You can keep the clothes on the upper ceiling that are not in the season or the items that you only use once or twice in a year.

• It is very essential to maximize the storage space because it is very important to make things successful in the end.

You have plenty of things to be worried about while downsizing your house. When you have to manage work and moving together then it is recommended to hire movers and packers Hyderabad for better assistance and guidance. Don’t forget to document your old house by taking plenty of pictures before stepping out.