Every Marketer Must Watch

Every Marketer Must Watch

Here at  Nine we continue to evolve, adapt and learn new things. Marketing is an industry that is fast paced and Digital Marketing Companies Bath rapidly changing, which means we have to constantly stay on top of researching, learning and discovery. A great way to learn new things is to invest time in listening to  Talks. You can find this online lecture miniature.  talks is a non-profit conference where leading thinkers discuss big ideas, their experience and innovation in their respective fields. It is motivation, it is inspiring and it is education.

The project was originally conceived as a forum for technology, entertainment and design (hence, ) but has now been expanded to include topics ranging across the human experience. This encourages discussion, conversation and food-for-thought on almost every topic under the sun. Talks have been praised for their ability to take a complex concept and provide them with a way to digest for viewers daily. As a marketer,  talks are great examples of the interesting narrative injec into an abstract set of concepts.

Here are some of my favorite examples, which each has something valuable to teach those of us who work in marketing.

Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce

Speaker Malcolm Gladwell is a very relatable and natural. I listened to these  talks only recently and so inspired. Malcolm Gladwell’s speech of 2006 was a watershed moment for both the  talks and national discourse on marketing. Although Gladwell is a stranger to the world of marketing, he used this – coupled with the remarkable ability to transform technical strategies into a compelling story – for a huge profit.

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In this talk, he tells of a man named Howard Moskowitz, who really changed the game forever marketing in the food industry. He was a revolutionary who only think outside the box and in the process, changed everything. Gladwell encourage you to focus on marketing as the movement of a universal quest to understand the variability. What this means, we do not just want to know how cancer works, we want to know how cancer every person is unique to them. Howard sta that this same revolution needs to happen in the world of marketing. That in embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a sure way to true happiness.

All this is described in the  talks through a humorous, yet symbolic story that obviously put things into perspective. Basically, this conversation is to teach people to think outside the box. Nothing could be more relevant to the successful marketing rather than think outside the box. It’s how we keep our business attractive and desirable for customers.

Seth Godin: The Tribes We Lead

Seth Godin is another great speaker on marketing tactics and its impact. He argues that as humans, we have a desire to make some big, permanent, important change. We are encouraged to be different from others in our field, to stand out, to make a difference. Godin focuses on the human narrative of how ideas are genera and how they spread. Tribe has exis since the beginning of humanity and Godin’s take this example to explain how the tribal people as a mechanism socio-cultural groupings represent ideological groups in the 21st century. Godin argues that the best way to change everything to do. Make a motion, something that is important and starts. Godin focuses on how interesting and exciting the people to challenge the status quo, build their brand and tell the story of a brilliant all the while. This is a very motivational talks about acting and running with your Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath ideas. Many people are inspired by creating and wonderful ideas and they talk about them constantly but never put them into action.