Everything About Moving Costs & Expenses You Never Knew About!

Everything About Moving Costs & Expenses You Never Knew About!

If you are in a hurry and have to shift from Ahmedabad to Aurangabad, your hometown, for a family business extension, but have certain budget constraints, you might be having a tough time planning for your move. Relocations are indeed expensive and multiple inherent costs show up all of a sudden without you even noticing them in the first place. Well, this is something we all are aware of, but if you wish to avoid those sudden financial woes amidst your moving journey and are looking out for some help, then we advise you to appoint the moving professionals – packers and movers in Ahmedabad, who would help you with your move, so you can work upon other pre-move immediate tasks with a stress-free mind.

Since we already clarified a lot about the unforeseen moving expenses that come up with our moving cost, in the initial paragraph, let’s not waste any more time and get a bit into the details of the possible moving expenses that can drain our well-planned moving budget rapidly!

• The preliminary packing expenses

Although considered to be one of the basic expenses, but these costs are indeed the ones that can even burn a hole in your pockets. This cost is calculated based on the volume of goods that you get packed by the professionals and the amount of packing supplies that are required for the job. For this very reason, people are often advised to pack some amount of household stuff on their own, and they choose to purchase the moving supplies from local shops, and not from the moving company they have hired because it saves a significant amount of money. So, while you plan for your move, make sure you take into account these aspects and clarify everything with the professionals before getting into a deal with them. Also, the labor costs are often added to this especially if you have complicated and high-value, specialty items to be packed and moved.

• Self-storage or security storage fees

Whether you are opting for this facility or not, you must be aware of this moving expenditure. Although movers add up this cost to your budget only when you have opted for it, it is better to remain cautious of the costs that you pay for secure storage. It is a reality that these costs are generally on the higher side, but movers often charge way more than the actual storage fee as a means to extract more money from the customers without even letting them know. But this happens only when one has rented a storage facility with the company. Also, at times, when there is a situation of delayed delivery, sudden halt of the consignment due to vehicle break out or conveyance issues for some reason and one has to keep their valuables at a storage unit for the time being, or in some case when one has to move outstation for few months and there is a need of warehousing space for this temporary period – all these cases usually call for secure storage option but one must go review and discuss the possible renting and storage costs of these storage units before giving a go.

• Insurance costs

If you are planning for a move in the coming months or days, you must be knowing that your moving insurance is one of the crucial aspects to take care of in your move. The safety of your goods depends on multiple factors – from the way your belongings have been packed and moved, to the insurance type you have chosen for your valuables. Never skip the moving insurance because you shall be moving many high-value, specialty items, appliances, and other household stuff and any mishap along the journey could cost you a heavy price. Insurance in place reimburses the damage and loss of items you have incurred, as you can ask for a replacement of the product with another one.

• Additional moving expenses

Well, there are innumerable other moving expenses and many more ways to incorporate hidden charges into your moving day budget. You might not be aware but some of the main charges that often end up making our move expensive include:

  1. Specialty items cost – Be prepared to pay more to your moving professionals if you are getting your high-value, fragile goods and exquisite articles like collectibles, mementos, paintings, crockery, glassware, etc. packed and transported by them. These articles are hard to pack and move, therefore their handling costs are high!
  2. Transportation cost – There is a heavy fee of conveyance incorporated into your moving budget, that you cannot help but accept. The more the moving distance, the more number of moving vehicles you have booked would ultimately raise your transportation cost.
  3. Moving equipment cost – The moving equipment cost is another addition of a fee to your already shooting moving cost. If you have too many complex household articles, heavy–bulky furniture, massive electronics, and appliances that need specialized handling and moving, be ready to spend a little extra on the equipment cost.
  4. Furniture disassembling – assembling cost – If you have a lot of heavy, oversized furniture and fittings like your giant sofa set, double bed, cabinets, chairs, dining table, cupboards, and dressers and all of the items need to be dismantled, packed, moved and re-arranged again, you would need experts who would carry out the job for you easily and therefore, you will need to pay for them for that, so make sure you take this into account, before.


Most of the time, the moving budget we curate for our move does not seem to cater to all our moving expenses. There are too many of them, that the movers quote us and this often takes the moving expense higher than we expected it to be. But, if you remain aware of the possible costs that often within the pricing structure given to you by the moving professionals – the movers and packers in Ahmedabad, you can tackle it even better!