Digital media landscape continues to change – especially social media. This field is fast-paced and innovative renew and refresh every day – and so are its users. The latest report from eMarketer Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth shows that Facebook has become a website for 55+, while teenagers are opting for other sites like Snapchat. So, what does this mean for social media? And why you should pay attention to?

Changing the dynamics of social media

With technology evolving and changing, it is difficult for the platform to stay on top. Facebook has tried to overcome this by staying regularly introduce new features to attract new users and old – including reaction, stories and video chat. There has also been an overhaul of algorithms and news feeds.

This has sparked controversy by apparently imitating a smaller rival, but the changes have not affected the younger audience. According to research in 2018, 700,000 fewer users will use Facebook than in 2017. Many are young people, who ‘defected’ to other platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram.

The older generation in Facebook

What does this mean for Facebook? And, that still use the platform?

Although  might lose its monopoly in the teens used social media does not mean that Facebook is struggling. Instead, there was a surge of older generations over-55 users. It is set to become the second largest demographic on the site.

Overall on Facebook, there is said to be 6.4 million 55-65-year-olds, with 500,000 people are expected to join this year. According to Bill Fisher, senior analyst at eMarketer UK, this has led to the “problem teenagers” for social media platforms.

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Where teenagers?

So, if the older generation are on Facebook, where the youth population we here you cry. Well, Snapchat appears to be a new rival for the younger users. An application that boat visual content and messaging services, has seen a growth in the number of younger ones.

Many of this generation of social media users began to exist online travel network for the first time and many are opting out of Facebook. Some may see it as an older site just for the elderly or those wary of sharing personal information.

Either way, a growing divide when it comes to the application and how people spend hours of their rolling.

Social media race – who wins?

Despite concerns about Facebook, the numbers still suggest that it is around to stay. recent controversy Snapchat update has also sparked concerns about the changing nature of social media, with many users are still confused by the new purpose-visual applications.

Facebook, therefore, is still the most popular platform in the UK with 32.6 million users and 2 billion worldwide. It is ahead of YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. Facebook also have Instagram, it helps it remains a favorite among young users.

Need help finding all of them?

In the race of social media, Facebook still takes first place. But, looking to the future who knows what media changes that can occur in the blink of an eye. That is why it is important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and stay on top of their marketing game.

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