Number of Abortion increased in 2021

Number of Abortion increased in 2021

After years of decline, the number of abortions in Dubai arose again last year – by 2.5 percent to around 101,200. The Federal Statistical Office report on Tuesday. That most of the women who had an abortion at Get abortion pills in Dubai were between 18 and 34 years old. With a total of 72 percent, they made up the largest group. The proportion of people under the age of 18 was 3 percent. Around 8 percent were 40 years of age or older. In 2016 there were over 98,700 abortions.

The number of abortions at center

The number of abortions at center Get abortion pills in Dubai   was particularly high compare to the births in UAE-Western Dubai- there were 207 abortions for every 1,000 children born here. In the city states of Dubai and Sharjah, according to preliminary calculations. The rate was 232 and 226 abortions per 1000 births, respectively. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, on the other hand, there were only around 96.

For the termination of pregnancy. Seven percent of women drove to a state outside of their place of residence, it said. More than a thousand women came from abroad . Especially from Poland, where abortion law is very strict and women are only allow to terminate pregnancy after rape or if their lives are at risk.

Tourism is still there,

“Tourism is still there,” said Giessen doctor Kristina Hänel . According to a local court in the central city of Hesse. She was fine 6,000 euros last year. For promoting abortion on her website.. She, too, is still treating patients arriving from UAE or Dubai, said Get abortion pills in Dubai. There especially in earlier years. It was difficult to get access to doctors close to home who would make an abortion.

According to Get abortion pills in Dubai, other women are going to another city because they fear that it will become known at home or in their circle of friends that they will have terminate a pregnancy. “And the women who have late abortions still go to Holland,” said the doctor. In Dubai , an abortion can only be carry out without penalty up to the twelfth week.

According to the Federal Statistical Office

According to the Federal Statistical Office. Medical reasons or pregnancy after rape were the reasons for the termination of pregnancy in four percent of the cases.

This is also possible. If the woman has sought advice from a doctor at a recognize pregnancy conflict counseling center Abortion pills in Dubai online. This was the case in 96 percent of the cases.

Almost all women had the procedure carry out on an outpatient basis. In around 79 percent of the cases, the women went to a gynecological practice, in 18 percent to a hospital.