In years gone by we’ve reported and broadcasted about upcoming changes or new to the Google algorithm. These Digital Marketing Company Bath updates have had a curious animal names such as Panda, Penguin, hyenas and Hummingbird and most of them have been announced and publicized well enough.

Perhaps the most well-publicized Google updates algorithim in recent times was when they called on 21 April 2015 as the deadline for making your website mobile-responsive or run the risk of which is set in the search engine posts that day.

We reached out to our clients in the weeks before D-Day and diligent let them know this. Some heeded our advice and we help them. Others might have thought we were just trying to hustle them for extra money and do not see any urgency in giving their website a serious improvement is needed or definitely some updating mobile responsive.

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People who act win in the end. After all, a good Google ranking is important for your business!

We’ve known since 2012 that everything is heading towards mobile. All of our guest host of companies like Facebook, Google and more, reported it. Not until about April 2014, however, that we apply a lot of major improvements are needed in our website to make it the full width and more mobile responsive. And it has been a virtual high fives and slaps on the back as we saw our website traffic double, and the bounce rate decrease to a level of 20% -30% that the industry standard is really good (normal is up to 40-50%).

But this year we saw something. Our bounce rate crept up. And there is one thing – you have to keep an eye on it! I mean entrance with supervising and checking your Google Analytics regularly – at least monthly, notices of this anomaly. Every month I logged in I thought ‘hmm that rather high’. Such as 70% higher.

Finally, after two months of a high bounce rate and will not be back to normal after experiencing ‘when I decided to work out exactly when this problem occurs. How? I went to Google Analytics and incorporated into a custom date range with a start date of when I know the bounce rate is ok, and now. It gave me the answer I was looking for. On May 22, our bounce rate has doubled.

So if we do not make any major updates to the site, why this would happen. Surely it must be something that Google has done. Like many algorithm updates?

So I went … .googling! If there is an algorithm update of this year we had never heard of?, the authority is really well recognized and respected published a handy list to update Google algorithim known here so it was a good first port of call.

There I discovered that on May 12, Google had launched algorithim update called ‘Mobile Friendly 2’ (no name of the animal shown), which is basically a ranking signal others to benefit mobile-friendly site on mobile search. A blog from Google published around this time, too, did not announce an update algorithim like but certainly emphasized the importance of mobile search is considered. Read it here.

If you do not have time for it, here is the key quote:

“Getting a good, relevant answers when you are looking for does not have to depend on what device you use. You have to get the best response possible, whether you’re on your phone, desktop Digital Marketing Companies Bath computer or tablet. If you already make your site mobile-friendly, you will not be affected by this update. If you need support with your site mobile-friendly, we recommend checking out the Mobile Friendly Test and Webmasters Mobile Guide, both of which provide guidance on how to improve your mobile site.

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