Google push against both local to the world the consultation?

Google push against both local to the world the consultation?

Over the past few years, Google has indisputably made a lot of changes to their search result pages (SERPs). If you work in SEO you may be able to show hundreds of small changes, and if you Digital Marketing Companies in Bath are a marketer or just an average Joe that you may never feel like “something” different.

As someone who sees a “consultant” and search “institutions” outcome much, because they are the main drivers of business Credo, I have seen some changes in worrying over the last year or so that makes me wonder if Google is heading in the right direction in the vertical My particular.

My hope is that Google is still trying to do what’s best for their users. While they removed the “do no evil” of the Code in mid-May 2018, I have to hope that they are still trying to make the world a better place not only eat their own animals from public companies.

Please note that these observations are the ones my personal. I did not complain about them, but really wonder if they are the right thing for the consulting industry as a whole. My fear is that they are retroactive and Google-serve, not to be with the growing trend of remote workers in the world. My hope, if my fears true, is that Google will recognize this and make the necessary changes to their search results in this area.

SERPs Consulting is a small part of their overall search experience of course, but at the level of a wider trend that could be worrying for them. If we extrapolate this approach across all services which used to be a location-based but is now a location-independent through technological improvements, an interesting picture emerged.

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The state of the consultation results
Before I get into the background of why I think this has happened and where I think Google needs to go instead, let’s take a look at how the [consultants] and [institution] is currently configured search results. I have also included some WordPress search results so you can see that it is broader than just marketing.

As an interesting comparison, I also included [freelancer] results since they are generally understood to be more location-independent consultants or agencies.

What I want you to notice here is how this common question from my home in Denver. There are a decent number of advertising, and in the organic results we see some portals as well as many Digital Marketing Company Bath local results. There was even a Knowledge Panel for local demand.

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