How Faith Helped Me Present Workshop on My First Conference

How Faith Helped Me Present Workshop on My First Conference

How Faith Helped Me Present Workshop on My First Conference
As long as I can remember I was always the quiet one, the person who does not speak in class, ‘Oh, I know it, but Digital Marketing Company Bath was too shy to say anything’ people. I always used to take a back seat and let others take the limelight – but I really always wanted to be the one to take control and have confidence in themselves.

When I entered the world of the work I soon realize that you create your own success and the need to get your voice and skills of individuals seen and heard to really make an impact. I know how to talk, but I definitely need a boost of confidence and I need to really hone in on technique to get attention.

I always dreamed of being on stage, whether speaking at an industry event, Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani singing on karaoke (that song alone taught me how to spell ‘banana’) or just being a diva. But, I never know how I find the confidence.

Anyway, fast forward to my current role as a consultant in Aira digital PR, and I am – very much on a whim – decided to put my name forward to speaking at the annual conference of our two companies, MKGO. With only a few months to go, I realized that I really needed to find the courage to take the steps to the stage in front of 200+ people.

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I knew I had to do some training, so I started researching several different workshops and stumbled across Confidence Kirsty Hulse Women’s Workshop. Some colleagues and I ventured to a place that was really cool in Birmingham called Lost & Found and Kirsty met for a day of training and fun.

We started our training days to get to know each other and breaking down barriers nerves each of us has. Kirsty made us stand in front of the room and we had to talk about random topics for one minute. Now it sounds easy, does not it? But for someone who is not very confident in front of the crowd and walked the red if it is put in place, it was not easy at all.

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After a moment we have been raving on about random subjects such as: why clowns scare us, how to stalk celebrities and how to feng shui your bedroom, it’s to the more scientific and factual days.

Kirsty went through a lot of research on how we physically nervous – quite a lot, it’s because our brains are naturally designed to make us panic. We learned that part of our brain, which is known as the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the hardest working area and the important thing. This is basically the troubleshooting section of the brain and it will be your best friend if you speak in public. But, there is another part of our brain called the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions. It is clear that the PFC and limbic system that is very different, and it can be a real struggle to balance the two of them and make them work together.

Now, this is not ideal if you are standing in front of 200+ people in the conference room. But there are ways to manage both systems and make them work alongside each other. Kirsty share some techniques that will help us to focus and calm the emotions and fears us to make sure we do not leave the PFC us in the lurch. Here are some of them:

Labeling is when we force ourselves to recognize how we feel and talk with both ourselves and others. In this way the fire until the PFC but also dampens the limbic system because it shows we are in control.

One top tip from Kirsty is to really focus on your feelings label shows the keywords, such as: overwhelmed, scared, embarrassed, out of his depth. This method allows you to actually fight your feelings and feel better (a bit like Beyonce) before going on stage.

It is important to understand that everyone was nervous and walked through an ‘Oh sh * t’ moments before going on Digital Marketing Companies Bath stage – it struck waking up in front of 200+ people and if you really care about it,

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