How to Choose a Marketing Agency

How to Choose a Marketing Agency

Start with what you want

What do you want to achieve with your marketing? What are your marketing goals and objectives? In many cases, it’s to increase sales, but maybe you want a more professional image, a new website, or just to outsource a particular channel that’s taking up too much of your time.

What services do you need?

Think about what services you need. Do you just need a specific service – for example, a new website, an Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE to take care of your search engine marketing, or maybe you just need some graphic design? Or do you need a comprehensive service – an organization that can do all your marketing, or perhaps one that will drive marketing strategy and provide you with just one point of contact?

Set a budget

Set a marketing budget in advance, at least a rough estimate, because it will save you and the agencies you talk to time. Good marketing may require a decent marketing budget, but if you’re getting results and ROI, why not pay as much as you can afford? Don’t just go for the cheapest provider, make a decision based on a number of factors (factors explained in more detail in this article). Be realistic about the size of agency you can hire, but remember that the alternative to outside help is to hire someone to do your marketing, which can cost £25k+/year.

Pay attention to the experience of the agency

Any agency you hire should be able to provide you with case studies and a portfolio of their work. Take a look at these and see if you like the agency’s work, mindset and creativity. Even if experience in your industry is an advantage, don’t rule out marketing agencies that don’t have that specific experience. The important thing is that you would be proud if the agency could do for you what it has done for its other clients.

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Who is responsible for the strategy?

Do you want to take charge of the marketing strategy yourself or do you want your agency to advise you? If you want to determine the strategy yourself, the agency can implement it for you. However, many companies want an agency to drive the strategy. If that’s the case for you, it’s worth seeing examples of strategy documents that the agency has written. You should also look for a proactive agency that keeps up with the latest marketing trends and suggests new tactics and campaign ideas. A good agency will also challenge your thinking and work with you to do marketing that gets the best results.

Think long-term

Marketing is not traditionally a discipline that produces immediate results. Proper marketing takes time and can involve testing different strategies. But if it works, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start marketing sooner. Engage an agency for the medium term (ideally 6 months) and think long term, rather than expecting results in the first month, which then fail to materialize, and move on to the next agency. If you are not satisfied (e.g., with the quality of work, communication, or lack of ideas), consider switching, but if you are comfortable with the agency’s work, stick with it.

You need to be a good fit

You must be able to establish a good working relationship with your agency; you must have good chemistry with the agency. You need to be comfortable with the agency and able to discuss your marketing ideas. A productive relationship will ensure that you can work with an agency and get the best marketing results for your business.

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