How to design and develop an active home page on the website

How to design and develop an active home page on the website

Before we begin to think in details, first we have to think about the visitors. Visitors who will come to your website? Why would they come to your website and what they are looking for on your Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle website? You’ve been thinking about all these points before you start branding of your business website.

Once you settle on the tone of your page (young or smooth? Fun or elegant?) That time to think about the elements. An eye-tracking studies at Missouri University of Science and Technology found that visitors will spend an average of 2.6 seconds to scan a web page before settling in to look at a specific area. This means that the time you have to catch and redirect their attention is minimal, so make sure they see what you need them to immediately. You only get one chance at a first impression.

Because the people who most would find your website through search engines, it is important that you answer the most important question them immediately when they arrived: “Is this what I want?” Stating your objectives clearly and concisely near the top of the page in a font that is very visible and easy to read.

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Once a visitor has determined that you actually offer what they are looking for you, you need to hold their interest with your brand and layout. Eye tracking studies mentioned above found that people view the following elements longest, and in this order: logo, navigation, main image, the content is written.

It gives us insight into the questions people ask and answer after they decided to stick around your site for a while.

Logo: Who are these people and what are they about?

Navigation: Will I find what I’m looking for here, and how fast?

The main picture: What these people are doing their best, what company they like?

Written content: Am I correct in my assumption so far, and I have to keep looking?

Make sure your visitors are getting the message you want to send during their visits to each region, and you are well on your way to a successful small business website.

Ready to take it to the next level? Start thinking about how you can get trapped visitors around your site to learn more to take further action. Do this by incorporating an effective call to action (CTA) to turn visitors into customers. (Think of eye-catching button with calls such as “learn more” and “start”)

If you’ve done your job up to this point, the first-time visitor will turn into repeat visitors. So give them something new to see Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle every time they come back to the area for creating dynamic content. It could be an area that has a recent blog post, or a social plugin that shows your Twitter activity recently.

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