How To Dominate Google Content With Power Known Pages

How To Dominate Google Content With Power Known Pages

I know what you’re thinking ‘is not another trick or deception to rank on the first page of Google’.

I admit that I would think the same.

However, power Pages not only Digital Marketing Company Southampton surefire method to rank on page one of the search engines, it will also get you a higher perceived consumer authorities, helping your content to go viral and create more opportunities for your business than you ever thought possible.

Sound too good to be true? Think again.

This is the beauty of the content type called Power Pages.

So what is the power of the page?

Electric page is part of the content that has been strategically designed to rank on the first page of Google and today I will teach you all about this incredible method to gain page one rankings.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it;

The Complete History Of Power Pages

I first came across the term ‘Power of Pages’ as a student of the program SEO That Works by Brian Dean. For those who do not know Brian is one of the best SEO experts in the world and his blog is at best Backlinko SEO blogs around.

I have to say right off the bat, I will not teach you the techniques Brian Dean from his courses.

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Not only would that stupid (because I only paid members) but also far beyond the authority of the blog post (which is why there are any). but I will teach you all about the importance of Pages Power and any other details.

We will cover the history of electrical pages, SEO facts about them, why they are ranked and even tell you what it would cost to have them made. You will see examples of electrical pages are online and learn about the pitfalls you should avoid when trying to create them.

This post will save you time and money!

OK, if you’re still here then the rest of this article will be well worth it.

Do Power Pages?
Maps strength certainly have been called other things, for example SEO Rand Fishkin teachers referred to them as 10 x Content and does not mention the term power Pages but describes 10 x Content as “10 times better than what others do”

He went on further to say that the 10 x Content must:

Having an outstanding user experience on any device
Content outstanding, reliable, useful and interesting.
Different content within the scope of what is already out there.
Content that causes an emotional response in the reader.
It also has to solve the problem of some kind or answer questions (ie a search query)
my own view is that more power must answer a search query in so much detail that the search need not go anywhere else.

While we will see examples later, I think it would not be fair unless I mentioned others who very likely create a Power Page first style content out there, Neil Patel. Her great guide on content marketing and other resources is a classic example of a page of his power to reach more than 10,000 words.

But can we really define what the page is power?

In all honesty, I feel very definition of our Power Pages back to Brian Dean when he says yard power is ‘part of the content strategically designed’ to rank on page 1 of Google, and as we shall see later, when it came strategies for SEO is everything.

Why Work Power Pages
I have created the Power Pages for a little under two years.

I remember buying only Brian Dean when I’m on vacation in Disney World Florida and sitting in the hotel at night to scour through a new course module I receive, desperate to learn the best SEO techniques in the world and since then I have created awful lot.

What I did not know then, was that the power Pages will change forever the way I do SEO.

Anyway, in simple terms Southwestern Pages works on many levels.

  1. Content More Prone to High Ranking In Google
    In 2016, Brian Dean conducted a study to analyze SEO 1 million search results. He found that the content Digital Marketing Companies in Southampton again outperformed short content on Google with an average length of the page Top rated.

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