How to find the best keywords for your website without keyword search

How to find the best keywords for your website without keyword search

key word search for SEO and content marketing
The basis of all SEO marketing campaign or content should start with a good old fashioned search keywords. The Digital Marketing Agency in Bath foundation of SEO is keyword research.

Well … maybe … In this post we will see how to find the best keywords for your business or website with keywords to research, but to instead “niche research topic “

Without knowing what your target keywords are no SEO campaign.

solid key word search is the compass in your digital marketing campaign. They are abel to give you direction and determine whether you’re making progress.

In addition to this, you can learn all about the thoughts, pain points and desires of your customers and the target market.

Another way to look at the keyword research is that research on the market for the 21st century.

After reading this keyword research guide you will be able to search keywords preform in 60 minutes for you business!

How to find the best keywords for SEO and how to use them
By mastering the art of keyword research you will enjoy amazing form more traffic from search engines and more importantly, you will understand your customers better than any of your competitors.

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it is common for most people apply the following process for keyword research …

Step 1
Think of a couple of keywords that a potential customer may search.

2nd step
Visit planner keyword and type a few keywords they.

step 3
Select a keyword to work on the basis of a feeling “gut.”

Today, after reading our keyword research to guide all the changes!

You will be empowered with a detailed guide that shows you exactly what to do when it comes to finding the right keywords that your target market, use every day when searching on the web!

When you optimize your website around the keywords correct, you will see your website rocket to the top of Google resulting in more traffic, leads and especially sales.

Before connecting to any type of keyword search tool or start improving optimization on the site of your site, you must identify and conduct research on the niche topic for your industry.

Once you have done this research niche topic you have a wide choice of keywords that your competitors do not know exist.

Start your keyword research with “niche topics»
The best place to start your keyword research that I have mentioned above is with your niche topics.

Most people do not hold back and go straight to the Google Keyword tool and begin bombarding the tool with a few keywords and then take a shot in the dark.

Do not misunderstand Google Keyword Tool is a well a very good tool. However, it is not great to come up with keyword ideas.


If I had to say the word “soccer” to you what would you think?

Even if you’re not a big fan or even follow football a few words that can appear in your head might include;

English Premier League
David Beckham
Sky Sports

When using a tool like Google Keyword Planner none of these keywords will be displayed for you, one level above the generic keywords like;

football games
soccer store
rules football
football history

Google can not choose keywords that are immediately related to the keyword you entered initially.

You are rarely shown the best keywords and those that could drive the best traffic to your site and bring you benefit.

With this in mind, most people probably target the same keywords because they follow all the suggestions that are given to them by Google. It is time not to target the same keywords as everybody!

Please note, I am not saying that these keywords are not to be included in your campaign, but other terms of the most Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath relevant keywords can be out there.

No keyword tool should be invoked only on your keyword research.

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