How to Get Likes On Facebook: The Complete Guide

How to Get Likes On Facebook: The Complete Guide

How to Get Likes On Facebook: The Complete Guide
How to get more likes on facebook

Facebook has changed the way we Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth communicate online and what started out as a social networking site has now evolved into a media machine that is. But one thing I get asked about more and more is how someone could get more Facebook likes and followers.

I have built a Facebook page where we have created an audience from scratch and build them into a media machine which high involvement and fans happy.

Check my results for one of my clients over a long period (note we did not spend a penny on advertising)


In this article, I will go into great detail about how to grow the Facebook fan base and how to expand your business or brand using Facebook.


Let’s do it:

Step 1: Begin With the End in Mind
A big mistake many people make when it comes to Facebook Facebook not knowing what success looks like.

I understand that this is confusing so let me dispell some myths.

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Firstly it does not matter how many ‘fans’, ‘love’ or ‘followers’ you have on Facebook and while I know that this will be a hard pill for many of you to swallow, you need to swallow pills now!

What is important when it comes to Facebook are two things; First is the concern and secondly, it is an engagement.

Let me explain.

It makes me angry when I hear people talk about business page and say ‘they only had 200 people like’ or something similar so my stock answer to them is ‘sure but they are 200 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies’.

The usual response is ‘how do you know’ and of course I do not, but they did not and this is my point.

Just like in SEO, backlinks from one site could be 1000 times more powerful than 100 backlinks from other sites, such as the same Facebook.

So my main goal when trying to help their business is to develop what I call ‘quality followers’.

I do not make a game of numbers, instead, I want this to be about communicating with people who can help you to achieve your goal.

To do this, ask yourself a few questions:

What Do You Want From Facebook?
What You Prepared To Give For Your Audience?
This is a problem that is really important that every business needs an address.

The first question usually ends with a comment from the business along the lines of ‘I want more customers’.

Yes, do not we all!

But that will not happen immediately, Facebook is your megaphone. This is a way to attract attention and to tell your story to your audience. In this sense imagine yourself on the street standing on a chair with a megaphone, now what’s going to tell people?

It is up; Unless you are lucky enough to be able to increase the volume of your megaphone and even choosing the right ‘ears’ for people who might like what you say (using Facebooks increase and advertising).

So when I ask clients what they want from Facebook finally I told them ‘you want more attention from the right kind of people’.

The second question is equally important; What are you ready to give your audience.

If we return to the road again. There Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth you are, standing on a chair with a megaphone. So how are you going to get attention for your business?

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