How to get more B2B leads

How to get more B2B leads

As a B2B business, your business lives and dies by the leads you are getting. You need leads come so you can put Digital Marketing Company Nottingham them through your sales cycle and turn them into clients.

You may be inundated, as a B2B marketer, by people who offer “lead” as well. They say something like 1,000 leads for $ 200. In fact what you will get is a list of email addresses and first names that they scraped from LinkedIn. If you have an exit strategy are that you might be able to transform it into a business, but if you do not (and I would assume you do not because you’re here and because very few companies have outbound great strategy) then you will be wasting a lot of time and money.

So how do we level up our game and encourage both more and better leads B2B?

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First we need to define what a “lead” in B2B, then we can talk about how to get more out of them.

What is B2B “lead”?
In the B2B world everyone is talking about the “lead” and trying to sell them to you, but what’s the lead?

There are three levels of lead:

A “lead”, which is usually just an email and name and maybe some other information. This is typically what someone is trying to sell;
A marketing qualified leads (MQL), meaning they have taken certain steps on your site such as viewing a particular page and download content;
A qualified sales lead (SQL), which has been contacted by a sales person and verified to be the actual potential customers.
A B2B “lead” can come in many forms:

physical form, such as a business card which you then enter into your CRM and then follow up with;
email address, good for a content that is valuable or directly to your contacts;
As B2B marketers, we are talking about the leads but what we really should be talking about is MQLs and SQL, these are the people who make us money, while those who do not become Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham customers simply take up space on our email list.

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