How to make the digital boundaries for COVID-19

We cleaned hands have been forced into the structure of the work we did not ask.
For some, it was welcome one, with employees and business owners realize that the remote work environment can provide a productive, more autonomous habits. There is little place for micro-management, and workplace benefit because of it. For some, it is more difficult, whether because of personal and professional preferences, or that some Digital Marketing Company Nottingham industries that are less conducive to snuggly fit within the paradigm of iso.

In either situation, we flattened by a digital bridge we have to our customers in a way that has never been so prominent and, indeed, essential to business survival. However, what has happened simultaneously was the notion that working from home, or have almost exclusively digital communication, do not have a clock or clock off. This 24/7 direct line. While this has been an appeal before COVID-19 (in that you can reach your audience in the most receptive to them, whenever that may be), is now also the communication lines open around-the-clock on the business. While we want to keep our customers and clients, current and future, realizing we are still here, how do we draw the line digital manner which respects the needs of business owners and employees, while maintaining the customer relationship?

You do not need the constant presence to be top of mind
Unrelenting post on social media, respond to messages immediately (although the time of day or night) and send EDMS twice a day may seem like a good strategy for (over) compensate for the lack of face-to-face interaction, and not feel left out in time high digital. True, the business requires a digital presence even if they are not necessarily a pandemic shaft embedded in a digital basis (for example, switching the service or product you offer to align with the needs of today’s consumers, or offer delivery). In this case, you still need a digital to effectively get your message to your consumer society.

However, you do not need to panic your way through this post.
Speed ​​your digital strategy in a way that intuitive at first (if you’re new to digital games) or via previous data if you have it. If the data is pre-COVID you show that your audience does not respond to a message endlessly about your business, they are unlikely to suddenly want now. Furthermore, you are creating a digital unnecessary trouble for yourself, throw over your communication lines are not only necessary, but you can deal with realistic and sustainable.

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Recalibrate your panic, and turn it into a strategy considered. Own pace and, as usual, let the digital presence is driven by the online behavior of your customers. The focus is on your message and your offer, not how many times and how you present it.

Set alerts automatic response
If you have any kind of automatic response function of your website, social event message, chatbots or text services, give a realistic response buffer. Your customers will feel like they have been recognized without your brand constant load, response time soon. A reasonable response time frame is anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. AGREEMENTS AND MAKE sure you STICK TO IT. Meanwhile, you can also include useful links or information in your automatic response, such as interesting or relevant blogs, news updates relating to your industry and whatever show you the data of interest to your customers.

If, instead, you constantly respond immediately in real time, you are setting a precedent that is not sustainable that Digital Marketing Companies in Nottingham will burn you out, and leave your customers satisfied.

Transparent with what your position
It’s important to not leave your customers in the dark, digital or otherwise.

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