The 12 Best Store Management Software For You In USA

The 12 Best Store Management Software For You In USA

If you’re considering becoming a retailer inventory software for small business, now is the time. Today’s retail point-of-sale (POS) systems have evolved into full-fledged store management systems that allow you to manage your store more conveniently than you could in the early 2021.

The advent of store management software has increased the revenue of store owners. These software can help you manage POS, CRM, loyalty programs, billing, inventory management and many other such functions that can help you make your store services as error-free as possible and provide your customers with excellent service inventory software for small business .

The best store management software to review

Netsuite is one of the leading store management solutions on the market, designed specifically for fast-growing businesses to improve the performance of their key processes. This ERP software helps you make informed decisions.

On the one hand, it gives you complete control over your inventory, and on the other hand, the software facilitates the management of outbound logistics and the purchasing process. In other words, it brings unparalleled efficiency to your entire store management process.


Provides a clear view of the entire supply chain.

Automated invoicing and payment management speeds up the quotation process.

 Intuitive dashboard

Enables informed, data-driven decisions.

Proper management of assets


Netsuite pricing is based on the number of modules and users you choose.

What is unique about it?

What makes Netsuite truly unique is the efficiency it brings to inventory management, demand planning and the entire supply chain.

Epos Now

Epos Now is a store management software for small and medium sized businesses. It helps businesses with inventory management, customer management and retail accounting management.

Retailers use Epos in a wide range of sectors, including clothing, furniture and home furnishings, grocery and sporting goods. The store management software includes integration of electronic scales, barcode readers and credit card payments, automatic discounts, order cancellation and other features inventory software for small business .


CRM software for retail

Retail management software

Retail POS system

E-commerce integration

POS systems for small businesses


Epos Now comes with a free version and a free trial, but you can get all the features only with the paid version, which costs $39.00 per month.


Managing a remote team can be overwhelming; having the ideal time tracking solution is key. traqq is easy to set up and use software that checks employee productivity and manages billable time efficiently.

Traqq is specifically designed to ensure productivity. It allows you to take screenshots and image captures. It also automatically records activity levels and website/application usage to keep track of user activity.

Detailed schedules and performance statistics have been developed and designed specifically to optimise your business performance. You can always go back to the recorded data, analyse it and help your staff perform better.

Functional features

Real-time online and offline monitoring of production times

Screen recording and screenshots

Productivity statistics and activity schedules

Application and website usage statistics

Customized reports for users, groups and projects

Unlimited number of free users in beta version

Invoice report creation

User privacy protection

Anti-fraud algorithms

Strong AWS S3 security protection and SSL encryption security


Traqq offers its services for free and unlimited access to its features.

What’s unique about it?

Traqq ensures that everything it does is ethical. The solution degrades the quality of data collected intentionally to avoid the leakage of personal information.

Lightspeed Retail

As a cloud-based system, the Lightspeed Retail software is built to be accessed by users at any time and from any location. Perfect for different types of businesses, this store management software offers powerful inventory management, reporting, ordering, quoting, analysis and other various functions.


Marg software is ideal for small and medium sized businesses with over 800 support centres and over 9 million users. The software provides a centralised and powerful control system that allows you to manage your store’s entire supply chain as efficiently as possible billing software for small businesses.

 Virtual Splat

Virtual Splat allows you to manage your business processes anytime, anywhere.