Marketing chatbot messages: Should Your Business Use It?

Marketing chatbot messages: Should Your Business Use It?

If you were to listen to some very shouty and the people concerned on the Internet, they have you believe that “ROBOTS WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD”.

While artificial intelligence has certainly Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton come on leaps and bounds in recent years (self-driving cars, anyone?), It’s pretty safe to say it is unlikely that the Alexa or Siri will be your slave master in the near future. If anything, they just make our lives that little bit easier.

Nonetheless, it’s understandable why many businesses feel a little daunted by the new technology – chatbots be one of them. If the term marketing chatbot messages have on your radar, but you have not fully wrap your head around what it is, or wondering whether your business should use, then this blog post is for you.

I’ll see what marketing chatbot messages and whether or not your business should be using it in 2019.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s find out if this is the year you should embrace bot business?

Is Marketing chatbot messages?
First, let us get to grips with the basics and understand what marketing chatbot messages.

An AI chatbot messages is software that can have a conversation with the user of the website or application, via the chat interface. The interaction can either be based on text, voice or a combination of both. You will most likely have found chatbot messages on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, WeChat and Slack, just name a few.

Data driven chatbots able to answer questions based on the language and intent of the user. More and more interaction with their users exposed to, the more learning chatbot messages and providing better answers for customers.

You do not need to be a pro in AI to build a chatbot messages. Platforms like HubSpot, MobileMonkey & Zebo offers free chatbot messages builder software that holds your hand through the process.

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You may hear marketing chatbot messages, also known as marketing messenger, grouped into the same category as the marketing conversation. conversational marketing is an approach that emphasizes using targeted messages to engage people in real time. While chatbots certainly an aspect of this, the overall conversational marketing also requires live chat, social monitoring and genuine conversation.

Why Should My Business Use A chatbot messages?
Such as implementing a new marketing strategy or technology, there must be an underlying reason why you do this logical and what you hope to achieve from it.

Before you race to the front and began to incorporate chatbots into your business just because you think you should – step back and ask yourself a few questions:

Does it make sense for your customers?
Whether to add value to their user experience?
Whether to promote the efficiency for your business? That is…
Do you want to automate common question?
Do you want to generate more sales?
Do you want a tool to help a person to make a purchase?
If the answer is a resounding YES then marketing chatbot messages are undoubtedly beneficial for your business. If any of the above incentives are not enough to convince you, here are several additional reasons why you should continue with the marketing chatbot messages …

What Are The Benefits Of chatbot messages Marketing?
Chatbots Can Help Save You Time Business & Money
Quite simply, chatbots can save the company valuable time and money.

According to the magazine chatbot messages, they potentially can reduce your customer service costs by a staggering 30%.

How? Well, chatbots can easily save you time and money on your customer service. Most businesses find the same flow, constant and repetitive questions from customers on a regular basis. Whether you are a retailer answered questions about hours / refund policy or zoo responding to questions about parking or wheelchair access, chatbots can automate an important part of the repetitive work every day.

This can help your business to save Digital Marketing Companies Southampton money on operational costs, manpower and time. Your staff will be able to spend less time on repetitive.

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