Minecraft Server: Play with the community of 100 players

Minecraft is one of the fascinating games where the gamer needs to make building from the blocks. Through the gaming section, one can reduce the level of stress as it is consists of several aspects which make it entertaining. Almost all the people from the entire world are playing this game. In the playing section, you can play the game with your friends and communicate with them wherever you are.

Suppose you are playing Minecraft with 100 players. In that case, you need Cool Minecraft Servers, where you can involve a number of players without facing any problem .your computer can easily allow you to play the game with 3-4 friends, but it can’t hold more than that, which means you need to make a server where the game is hosted.
If you like to host a server, you need to know its all hosting aspect. These steps are:


The first step you need to download the Minecraft program from its official website and save the program on your computer. Before downloading the program, it is essential for you to ensure that your computer is friendly for the program or not. After that, make sure that you have the java version as Minecraft needs Java to run.


Once you downloaded the program, your next step is to prepare the program for use. If a person uses a Windows computer, all they need to do is click on the saved program. Through this, you will get a series of the message and interface windows. After this, you need to copy the instructions and save the file.


Now you can access the authority to customize the game. In the entire changing section, you need to do some changes that can easily attract the player.


In this aspect, you need to make a list of players who can access your server. Through this, you can protect the server from the hacker.

Get a public IP address

To invite the player on your server, you need to have a public IP address. Once you get the IP address, and then share it with the users who are in your allowlist. One can find the IP address easily without any problem.

Final words

In this content, you will easily host the server. Moreover, try to protect your server from hackers.