NBA Rules Explained

NBA Rules Explained

National Basketball Association (NBA) set its basis in 1946. It is a professional basketball league for men in North America. Currently, it comprises 30 teams from Canada and the USA. Like all other leagues NBA also has its own set of rules and regulations for custom basketball jerseys. All the teams taking part in and playing have to adhere to these rules. The sole purpose of these rules is to give a uniform look to the whole team. Violation of any rule can result in penalties. The NBA has instructed the professional players to enter the ground with a complete uniform. Special instructions are for substitutes to remove their warm-ups in the bench area and then enter the game. Not only the players but assistants and coaches should also wear suit jackets.

The days of white for home and alternate for road teams are no more. Now NBA has announced different jerseys for different seasons. NBA had massive growth in the past 20 years. It has now emerged as a multifaceted global entity. Still, the uniform team wears, impacts the on-court product.  We are providing you with a summary of basic decoration rules announced by the NBA. Do consider them while designing your basketball uniforms.

What do the official NBA rules say about jerseys?

NBA has changed the black and white theme of the jerseys. Still, official rules of the NBA state that the home team has to wear light-colored jerseys during the game. While the instructions say that the visitors’ team should wear jerseys having a dark color. Here is the complete detail:

Section VI—Uniforms (Players Jerseys)

  1. There must be numbers present on the front and back of the jersey of the players. Mention these numbers with a color that contrasts with the color of the shirt.
  2. On the front, each number must be at least 3 or 4 inches tall. And on the back, the number can be 6 inches tall. Affix the surname of each player to the back of his game jersey. The letters for surname must be at least 2 and a half inches tall. From time to time there may be some exemptions to the height of the front number and the surname.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, light jerseys should have an association with the home team. The dark jerseys should have an association with the visiting team. The NBA considers the second team listed on the official schedule as the home team for neutral games and doubleheaders. Hence, these teams must wear light-colored jerseys.

The players must tuck their custom basketball jerseys into their pants appropriately every time. NBA has not allowed the wearing of a T-shirt under the uniform. The numbering of the player should be on the front as well as on the back of the players’ jerseys. The color of the jersey and the color of the shirt must contrast each other. On both sides, front and back the printed numbers should not be less than 3 to 4 inches in width. Also, their height should not be more than 2 inches.

Rules for Bands, Shorts, Shoes, and Socks

The wrist bands that players wear must not exceed the width of 4 inches. There is bad news for bicep or arm bands lovers, as players cannot wear any such thing. Although players have the liberty of wearing headbands but only during the game. The width of the band should be less than 2 inches. No player can wear shorts that are longer than the prescribed length i.e., 1 inch below the knees.

The only part of the uniform where the NBA has allowed branding to the players is their shoes. It is completely the Player’s choice to wear the shoes they like. They can opt for any brand and can have a contract with any of the manufacturers. The players can wear the shoes having the logo of any manufacturer for branding purposes. They have restricted the use of other parts of the uniform for branding. NBA has not allowed the use of long stockings, tights, or compression socks. Yet there are no restrictions on the length of the stockings. It has allowed all the numbers for the players.

Designing an NBA Uniform

Choose Proper Logos

First and foremost, attempt to select simple yet attractive logos for your custom men’s basketball uniforms. The logos that are in line with current trends should have top preference. For the reason that your team’s logo defines its identity, you should design it carefully. Many NBA teams have elegant and appealing logos. You can get inspiration for the best logos from other NBA teams in order to design an ideal logo for yourself.

Choose Vibrant Jersey Colors

Look for rich colors while designing your basketball uniforms. For a cohesive uniform theme, your jersey color should contrast with the color of your logo. Always keep in mind, that choosing the color of a jersey is the most important step. This is because the jersey’s hues draw people’s attention to your team.

Color and Font of Numbers

The selection of the appropriate font and color for the numbers on the uniform has its own importance. The color of those numbers should always contrast with the colors of the jerseys. This makes these numbers to become visible on the front and back of uniforms. As a result, they give each player a distinct appearance on the playing field.

Bottom Line

No matter whether you are designing custom women’s basketball uniforms or men’s uniforms you have to be very careful. Each league has its own set of rules that every player has to follow. Failure in following these rules can result in heavy fines or elimination. Hence, each uniform designer must read and comprehend the rules. By doing so, you can save yourself from any chaos in the future.