New features of LinkedIn Ads in 2020

New features of LinkedIn Ads in 2020

Ongoing market has made things digital. While online marketing and advertising campaign is an important aspect of all Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth they have become even more now.

LinkedIn, as a platform, have proven invaluable to the business. Keeping this in mind the company has launched a number of features that help businesses better advertise and reach new audiences.

Conversion tracking

This feature helps you measure the true impact of your LinkedIn ads, so you can optimize them for the better. You can see how your ads lead to valuable actions on your website, including content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, and more. This feature also allows you to track conversions from people who saw your ad, not just clicked.

One of the great advantages offered by this feature is that it provides access to demographic data on audiences that converts, such as their job title, company, industry, and using this intelligence to improve your campaign targeting and content.

Enjoy up to 13.5% lower cost per acquisition using conversion tracking tool LinkedIn.

Contact Targeting

This feature allows you to build customized audiences. You can secure market for leads and contacts are known to safely upload your email address and provide relevant content to prospects and clients. This feature also helps drive conversions by increasing their visibility during the purchase process.


This LinkedIn features to help you tailor your message for this time with personalized content based on the actions of the audience. Using this you can engage with shoppers through their journey, an important aspect in building valuable relationships.

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LinkedIn Insight Tag

If you’re looking to optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum reach and conversion, Tag Insight feature is a brilliant addition. This feature helps you to optimize your campaign, retarget visitors to your website, and learn more about your audience. Understanding the types of traffic coming to your site is as important as generating traffic. Here, you can gain insight into the strong demographics of your website visitors, such as their job title, company, industry, and more at no additional cost.

Generation of leaders

The number one focus of each company’s social media and marketing campaign is lead generation. Generate qualified leads that can convert into a customer can offer a huge advantage for your business and LinkedIn are here to help you with just that. By accessing demographic data and business retargeting visitors can generate qualified leads that convert.

Leading Gen Forms

Improve the quality of your leads with this feature. No one likes filling out a form on the website and this is a common reason businesses are not getting enough leads. What is LinkedIn offers a pre-filled form of prospect filled in the details of them that they can choose to have someone with one click. You can also download your leads from the Campaign Manager or integrate with marketing automation or CRM tool of your choice.

LinkedIn marketing offers up to 2 times higher conversion rates for marketers.

Demographic site

The importance of user demographics can not be stated enough and this feature provides valuable insight into your audience. This helps you target people who are most likely to become qualified leads and customers with timely and relevant content.

Targeting accounts

With this feature, you can run based Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth accountant (ABM) campaign and target audience by demographics professionals so that they can better reach the people who make buying decisions at the highest value of your account.

LinkedIn Audience Network

The LinkedIn Audience Network offers you access to millions of professionals across multiple contact points on their networks, you can extend your ad Sponsored Content for professionals active in the Audience Network, scale your message to reach 25%.