Our highlights of Hypergrowth19

Our highlights of Hypergrowth19

We started the day with coffee and pastries and ushered into the main room. Explosion! We start with Savage Grace, who won the beatboxing to wake us. Let me tell you – after the UK Garage mix, I woke up (if slightly confused if I walked into the wrong place).

Then, the conference actually begins. Drift, a tool that sits firmly in the marketing Suite entrance, set Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham Hypergrowth in three cities around the world this year, bringing inspirational speakers and interesting findings. Let me tell you about the highlights of the day. The main thing in tune with me is:

being human
Do spork a
Do not take the risk of too little
We begin with a ‘fireplace chats’ with Victoria Pendleton, CBE. She won three Olympic medals in cycling, then become a jockey and race at Cheltenham, trying to climb Mount Everest and is currently training for a race motorcycle.

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He seems insanely driven and always want to learn more, experience life and everything that has bids. What we learned from him is that the magic happens outside your comfort zone.

Charlotte Pearce is founder Inkpact. He talked about love and why it is important in business, and in life – why a successful business on the customer loved them, eventually will be the companies people come back to.

Today, people buy into the brand mission. Being transparent and take a stand to become more and more important as customers seek human connection. He uses his personal experience to show us an example of how this works, and you can tell it comes from a genuine place.

Right, time to top-up caffeine.

Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot is made for the occasion! He sat with Drift CEO David Cancel to talk about how HubSpot has evolved, where it is now and what she would recommend doing business a new start.

He noted that in fact,

“The key to a scale not say yes; it says no. ” and that “it is no longer the first business to win market, the first to carry the experience end-to-end”

Currently, USP extremely short-lived, as other companies swooped and offering the same thing, so that way you deliver your services is what will stand out.

“Be confounding experience, not a disruptor products.”

And then, in the afternoon … there it is! A new product announcement Drift! They have launched launch Drift | Video, enhancements to the suite of their conversation, to help easily create and share videos. Yes, other platforms already support video recording and sharing, but their purpose is for these videos to help beginning of the conversation. Drift | Video wanted to create a better buying experience, by integrating video chat. You can get real-time notifications when someone watches your video, then jump right in and say hello!

They offer a completely free plan is available at their website.

Before we end the day with a well-deserved glass of Pimms, we have one more speaker Jimmy Chin. He was a professional climber, who also directed the Free Solo and WOW! What an inspiring story to end the day at. Of hope at the beginning of life through doing what he loved and won an Oscar for the film. He taught us that:

“There are two major risks in life: risking too much and risking too little. We are always conscious of risking too Digital Marketing Company Nottingham much, but how do we know if we risked too little? “

A great way to end the day! After that, it’s time for a drink, chat with new friends and reflect on everything we learned today.

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