Page Speed Optimisation Tips with Fili Wiese

Page Speed Optimisation Tips with Fili Wiese

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On this week’s episode of Internet Marketing Podcast, we have a little change to the usual format, bringing you Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham talk Fili Wiese BrightonSEO this conference in September giving tips on how to speed up your website.

Fili is a well-known technical SEO expert, a former Google engineer and was part of a team of Google Search Quality. He is a regular trainer and speaker on BrightonSEO and offer SEO consulting services.

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At the event you will learn:

Why is speed important for SEO page
How fast pages can help you with your rankings
How can you improve your bounce rate and conversion
How can you reduce the size of your Digital Marketing Company Nottingham pages and therefore increase the speed of loading
Why is this important to optimize for HTTPS
Tools that can be used to increase the speed of your page.

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