PPC to SEO: How Should Support Paid Advertising SEO Campaign

PPC to SEO: How Should Support Paid Advertising SEO Campaign

Beyonce and Jay-Z. Ham and cheese. Gin and tonic. Charlie and the Dragon from BBC Breakfast. PPC and SEO.

Yes, some things just go together, work together well and combine to push each other to things bigger. It includes PPC and SEO, two acquisition channels work better together because they both Digital Marketing Company Southampton aim to achieve the same end goal – to maximize relevant traffic that comes to your website.

Here, Aira, we find when we combine both PPC and SEO efforts together, we gain clients more qualified traffic and relevant, which produce effective results faster.

So here is why paid advertising is the perfect partner for your SEO efforts, and how PPC can help you drive greater results from your marketing strategy.

1: Increase SERP visibility
Ideally, you want your website to have search visibility as much as possible – think Beyonce and Jay-Z level of brand awareness.

As Google refreshing experience SERP with increasing frequency, precious ranked the first position of your keywords are more likely to slip below the fold, at the back of a number of elements that led Google like a piece of features, graphics knowledge, ‘people also ask’ box, pictures, videos , news results, shopping results, maps and paid advertising.

To ensure and maximize the amount of visibility of your website can receive, it is important to make sure your brand visible above the fold. As Google seems to encourage more organic results under the SERP:

It is even more pronounced for some sectors – such as employment, with the introduction of Google Jobs, or the introduction of Google checker flight and flight.

By combining the power of PPC and SEO, you can gain increased visibility, making sure your brand has the best chance to compete at the top of the SERP. Moreover, imagine P1 for search terms and have your PPC double down on these securities. Greater prominent target user recommends you that you are a credible authority in your area.

So if Jay-Z wants to spend his billions on some Nike golf shoes there is a lot of competition, but Nike has branded them locked up, attracting users to their official website. Remember, other people will bid as well, so think about the visibility of PPC as your backup against competitors go after your brand terms.

2: Use the additional data
A ham sandwich was good, but how much better is a ham and cheese toastie? (The pair boring continue along this blog – sorry / no regrets) Similarly, the data that we can collect from PPC or SEO tools, we can use both to create a combined strategy of rich focus on what attracts the right user at the time right.

Data such as the report of the search terms Google Ads can help guide priorities keyword SEO to show you quickly, keywords used not only trigger the ad, but actually clicked. A clear understanding of the engagement.

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This information should be added to every stage of keyword research as the effective head start in what works.

You can also use multivariant testing capabilities of Google Ads to test out keywords, title and description. Quick variants understanding of work by driving the increase click-through rates and conversions through your website.

On the other hand, you can begin to examine the possibility of organic keyword targeted PPC campaign through first to see if there is no point pursuing the target keywords, because it’s faster to run than the SEO split testing.

While speaking of testing, if you are interested in testing different toastie fillings, try the bacon and banana toasties – flavors worked perfectly together. (Am I getting my point yet?)

3: Focus on what works
Without combine efforts and use the Digital Marketing Companies Southampton useful insights of a PPC campaign, your team can duplicate efforts and waste precious time. Why work harder than you need too?

Using additional data that you can obtain from your PPC campaign, you have a valuable head start on your keyword strategy.

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