SEO Tips From Internet Marketing Podcast

SEO Tips From Internet Marketing Podcast

With every year, nay every day, things are changing in the field of SEO.

From the shifting attitudes of Google, make sure your website is the first mobile and the importance of analyzing Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield log files to create a Google Business Strategy we have a ton of marketing experts at Internet Marketing Podcast us in 2018 to share their knowledge and experience regarding all the above and more.

Read on to find tips on SEO, advice and predictions for 2019 forward.

We’ve also added every episode of the podcast so you can listen to the full show and get tips SEO is even greater.

Latest in Mobile, International & Technical SEO: Interview with Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is International SEO consultant and founder in Orainti. In November, Aleyda join us on the show to talk about the phone SEO, SEO International and Technical SEO. Here are his tips for each:

1) Fundamental technical SEO ensures that your website can be accessed and indexed. This can be validated by most of the SEO crawlers out there including Screaming Frog and Deep Crawl, which supports JavaScript crawl. You can compare plain HTML (non-JavaScript) versus JavaScript one and identify differences. If there are significant changes in the content, then go to your developers and talk to them about it.

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2) Increasingly, many businesses are concerned that the international version of the Web site they see minimal profit or ROI and take a lot of effort to maintain. Such as, the proper planning and a strategic approach to international SEO is required to inform the market that is profitable / feasible for you to invest in.

Consider what goals you want to achieve with each international version. Does anyone really interested in each market? Your approach strategy for international SEO if you are at risk do not have to throw your money away.

3) From a user perspective, has always been a concern of the first mobile phone. Do not just replicate the desktop version of your site just because it works well for desktop. Research if you behave spectator phone or interact with your content differently than desktop.

Responsive web design is not necessarily anti-bullet approach. If you have the opportunity, take the time to personalize the user experience. Produce various types of content and produce more than that. Or, repurpose existing content and organize it in a different way for a more fulfilling mobile experience.

Future of SEO is on the SERP: Rand Fishkin Keynote Talk of BrightonSEO

Rand Fishkin is a co-founder of Moz, SparkToro Founder and author of Lost and Founders. In his speech BrightonSEO September, Rand focuses on the shift in Google’s behavior over the last few years and offer SEO tips for how marketers can adapt to these changes:

Currently, there are two conflicting truths for marketers:
1) It has never been more difficult to get organic traffic from the major players on the site at this time.
2) Instead of being owned by someone else, create a website (and email lists) to the center of your web campaign. In the future, the big players will operate similar to how Facebook do with organic range and, as a result, we have to have our property as possible.

What can we do about it:
1) Make use of every piece of traffic that Google and other search engines / social networks is still sent. There is never a better, or more important, the time to create organic traffic acquisition center of your strategy and take a bunch of budget you paid and put it towards that. In the future, when the gain organic traffic is becoming more difficult Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield and challenging, you will be ahead of competitors who fail to do so. You will be in a stronger position because more traffic goes paid only (or Google only).

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