SiteVisibility Career Ready Join Forces to Improve Employment Opportunities for Youth

SiteVisibility Career Ready Join Forces to Improve Employment Opportunities for Youth

SiteVisibility has launched a partnership with Career Ready, a UK-wide charity, to increase social mobility.

This partnership will help to connect Digital Marketing Company Bath young people to the world of work and see us create and manage paid search campaigns waive fees to generate mentoring and work experience opportunities for youth in the area of ​​Brighton & Hove.

We have a strong track record of supporting young people in the local community and as a partner of Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, we provide local students with work experience and skills development opportunities, including the work program on 3-month experience for alumni of Eastbourne College.

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By partnering with Career Ready, we extend this commitment to be a national key driver in ensuring that, in 2021, 90,000 young people in the UK, provided with job skills and experience needed to kickstart the beneficial futures.

Ready career volunteers is key to improving social mobility as, through professional assistance and other work activities, they help young people to develop key skills and experience needed to succeed.

98% of graduates Career Ready to go to a positive direction after leaving the sixth form or college, compared with a national average of 89%.

Jason Woodford, our CEO said:

“SiteVisibility are pleased to start a partnership with Career Ready and we hope to play an active role in helping them to connect young people to the world of work. SiteVisibility is a Google Partner and we provide our Paid search services free of charge for a Career Ready; it was one of a small but measurable actions we can take as SMEs to help alleviate the shortage of skills with exciting young talent in our evolving industry. Work experience is an important mission for young people who want to improve their career options. But getting useful work experience are very difficult and there Career Ready to help to solve the problem at scale. “

Caroline Kandaya-Breakfast, South East England Regional Manager said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with SiteVisibility. Their support will help mean that people who are younger will receive mentoring and activities of the wider work they need to kickstart a rewarding and successful career, and it will be key in helping us to support 90,000 young people every year, year 2021. We are also looking forward to working with SiteVisibility at a more local level in the Brighton area so that their team can support young people directly through mentoring and masterclasses skills for career success. “

Career Ready is a UK-wide charity that aims to make young people work ready to provide mentoring programs, masterclasses, workplace visits and internships in schools and colleges in Digital Marketing Companies Bath the UK. In the last academic year Career Ready supported 29,000 young people in the UK.

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