Staying Power: The Importance of Management Review for Hotel

Staying Power: The Importance of Management Review for Hotel

Gone are the days of consumers complained to no avail. Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, customer complaints will no longer fall on deaf ears-just the opposite, in fact. Currently, the online Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth review and its impact strengthened, reaching a wide audience. In this post, we explore how online reviews affect the reputation of the hotel.

How strong reviews online?
Ratings and reviews have arguably become the most important piece of information for consumers. 95% of travelers read reviews before booking their holiday. In addition, 81% of the tourists find online reviews to be very important when it comes to choosing a hotel, and 49% would not risk booking a hotel that has zero reviews. This tells us that the review have a direct impact on hotel revenues and that the review sites such as TripAdvisor influence consumer behavior and decisions.

According to a report by a Street Fight, US marketing decision makers believe that the reputation and management reviews are very effective in customer retention. other marketers see the review of management as a way to increase the lifetime value of customers, increase brand awareness, increase conversions and sales, or even acquire new customers.

eMarketer destination management review graph

The image of the brand in social media is also something that the company should be aware of. Monitoring brand mentions has become essential for brands that want to be proactive about their online reputation. What customers and potential customers have to say about me in social media? What are some of the key themes that emerged from the online conversation? Is there something we proactively can improve? What do we do well? These are just some of the questions that can be answered by monitoring brand mentions in social media.

responding to reviews
We begin to see the brand responds to consumer comments and public review. This includes acknowledging concerns, sympathize, apologize, and offer solutions. Proactive engagement goes a long way in trying to rectify the situation.

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A Harvard Business Review article highlights the importance of public response to negative customer reviews. Davide Proserpio, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, and Giorgos Zervas, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Boston University Questrom School of Business, wanted to test the hypothesis that the reply to customer reviews result in a better ranking. To do that, they examined tens of thousands of hotel reviews on TripAdvisor and their response. They found that nearly a third of the reviews received a response.

However, this is more interesting findings: they found that when the hotel respond to reviews, they receive 12% more of their reviews and ratings rose 0.12 average star. They also mention that, while it may not seem like a significant improvement, it is important to remember that TripAdvisor ranking round average for the semester closest star:

TripAdvisor ratings

Responding reviews is important. Professor Proserpio and Zervas also found that a third of the hotel were able to improve their ranking round by a half stars or more just six months after their first answer. It shows how the impact on reputation management and respond to reviews can be.

At DAC, we understand the importance of reputation management. This is not something that the brand can afford to ignore. It has become important for companies to incorporate community management plans as part of their overall marketing and content strategy. We have helped our clients develop guidelines for community management, which includes tips responses and templates that can be used to respond Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth to consumer concerns in a timely and effective manner. Creating social media guidelines with the guidelines of governance has proven to be invaluable.

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