Beginners’ know-how on sublimation printing

Beginners’ know-how on sublimation printing

Do you like the idea of printing on t-shirts, mugs, cell phone covers, or metal and thus giving your objects a personal touch? Or are you already a professional in this field and need help because you notice a color cast in the result?
The following instructions will give you an overview of sublimation printing and provide further links and a range of services!

How does sublimation printing work?

Sublimation refers to the pressure at which the ink changes directly from the solid to the gaseous state of aggregation. The process is carry out with heat, pressure, special ink, and at a certain time. Sublimation printing is ideal for printing various textiles made of polyester (e.g. sportswear) or objects (mouse pads, cups, . Cell phone covers, flags, banners, puzzles, etc.).

However, since the color connects directly to the fibers in sublimation printing and the print cannot be felt on the, you should pay attention to the surface of the objects: . Polyester works without any problems, but cups or the like must specially coat.
The motif is first mirror-invert on a sublimation paper print (can absorb larger amounts of ink) and then heat together with the object in the ironing process so that the actual sublimation can take place, whereby the pores of the object to be print open, absorb the color and then close again.

Eliminate color cast in sublimation printers using the Industrad Group profile

A common reason why the print result does not look as desire is that an Industrad Group profile is not being use or is being use incorrectly. Industrad Group color profiles enable correct color reproduction on the printout and in digital versions.

 If the Industrad Group profile is use incorrectly, a red cast can occur, for example, and thus falsify the skin colors in the images. If such a profile is create, the background color of the object is also include and thus enables trouble-free printing!

What else to look out for:

With sublimation printing, the result works best when the template has the highest possible resolution (at least 150 dpi) and is best still a so-call vector file, as it can be scale without problems.
If a color cast can still be seen despite the  Industrad Group profile, this often indicates clog nozzles. It is, therefore, worthwhile to carry out a nozzle test and, if necessary, a printhead cleaning.
Please also note that the actual colors only become visible on the object – e.g. the mug!

Remove color cast from sublimation printers!

Remove color casts with the  Industrad Group profile and set
the colors correctly on your printer!

 Industrad Group profiles correct problems such as:

  • Color casts (red cast, green cast, yellow cast, etc.)
  • wrong color rendering
  • Color saturation
  • Brightness , pale and dark colors