The continued importance acceptable, owned and paid media, you holistically

The continued importance acceptable, owned and paid media, you holistically

In unprecedented times like we all see our business strategy and learn how to pivot, innovate and maintain as much as we are at the end of the 19th COVID crisis as we did before, if not try to become stronger. With tactility detained, digital track to maintain. Now, more Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth than ever, it’s time to look at the digital holistically and understand how important it is to consistently Converge earned, owned and paid media, and we appreciate their individual contributions to maintain your brand identity for digital audience. Which, now, maybe you exclusive audience.

Understanding what is earned, owned and paid media
owned media is not just a clever title, it is the media that you have and have autonomy over. So it was not necessarily referring to the media who have actually bought, although it did not include it. This is your website, social media platforms and platforms like YouTube. This is the space in which the content of your About page on your web site, through the blog articles, social posts and videos all you do yourself. You own this.

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Media paid, right, the media you pay. Your display ads, advertising on social media and pay-per-click (PPC) your activities all fall under this banner.

Media obtained is a medium that has least control over, but it is arguably the most valuable in terms of return. ‘Word of mouth’ is a highly valuable marketing asset. Your digital reviews from customers, professional critics and influencers unpaid is part of what maintains a loyal, life-long advocate of the future, which also happens to be the most valuable media obtained.

Now, monitor your focus on all three media, and better meet them.
it’s time to bunker down and take stock. What works pre-COVID-19? Where you focus your digital marketing efforts and why it works? Do you need to pivot to hold strong in the consumer environment this digital weight? Do you need a new strategy that better combines digital pillars you have left ignored or stagnant?

If you have not considered how to use influencer marketing, for example, brainstorming to find a legitimate way to field them. Better if not paid (earned media) for the purpose of giving confidence and transparency in the review, but is also a perfect tool to help to take the sponsored (paid media) if you’re looking for a faster response time.

Start, continue or increase your PPC activity. Search will only continue to grow and the need for requirements along with it. Although PPC may not always appear in the case of direct conversion, it is a relatively inexpensive tool for brand awareness in a time where that would be needed more than ever to stay top of mind.

Best used at the reviews that you have. For those on a social media platform, compiling them into the blog, now they are on your website. Sources and share wherever you can.

Taking stock of your message. Although consistency is always important, it is more so now. People who rely on your digital brand message more than even they realize. Use this time to tighten your overall digital strategy in all areas, and create a lifeline which can mean the survival of your business. We do not say this to be scaremongers, we say Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth it is because the actual landscape of the time.

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