The Instagram Impact: 2020 in Numbers

The Instagram Impact: 2020 in Numbers

Instagram, favorite photo sharing social network everyone has seen tremendous year in 2017 and quickly became the first choice platform for companies to advertise. Is the brand Digital Marketing Company Stafford actively manage your account, influencer or advertising through sponsored posts; can put your brand front and center in front of an audience you can get involved by using the image.

Instagram currently has more than 600 million active users, of which 400 million are active every day. 25 million is a registered business and the platform now has more than 1 million active advertisers; an amazing increase from the 200,000 reported in March 2016.

Instagram has just released a full report detailing some important data including the most popular accounts, the filters used and of course the photos are most preferred. We have taken the key points and broken them down for you below. Happy snapping! #NoFilter.

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Beyonce brought the crown for the most preferred pictures of 2017, with more than 11 million people such as pregnancy announcement in February.

Top 10 most liked photo is of only three accounts, with Beyonce taking positions 1 and 4. Next is Cristiano Ronaldo with 2, 5 and 8. The other five are from Selena Gomez.

He may have picked up only two places in the top 10 photos, but the power of Cristiano Ronaldo in the video saw him take five of the top 10 most watched videos of celebrities including 1 position.

The remainder of the 10 taken by Selena Gomez and Leo Messi with two each, and finally rounding the Emilia Clarke videos of Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) standing on the cliff, swishing robes and pretending to be dragon because one virus hits 2017 ,

WHAT NEXT FOR instagram
In recent days reports have surfaced that show off some new features for Instagram being tested by a very small selection of users. several new features that will make it into the application, and of course some will not be based on feedback, but the majority of them are a great addition to the few that do not. We’ll let you decide from the list below.

REGRAM! – This is probably the most requested feature from users and it seems that Instagram works on the original regram button so users can share posts of others. Some third-party applications makes this possible now, but they are shaded and you do not have to give you to log into other applications you do not believe. Or you can a screenshot, then edit and crop and reshare but it takes time. A regram button will fix all that.
GIF! – we feel this is not a good idea, we get enough of the same gifs again and again on Twitter, we do not need to be on Instagram in the story or regular post.
STORY ARCHIVES! – We are happy stories on Instagram and this new feature will allow users to keep a record of all the images that you add to your story. You will be able to relive all those additions drunken stories forever.
CLOSE FRIEND! – Testing for this is the beginning of the year so whether to launch or not is still unknown, but close friends will allow you to add people to the list is closed and only share photos or videos with the people.
WHAT IS WRONG! – We’ve got a “Share to Facebook” and soon we could have a “Share to Whatsapp” if the recent tests are anything to go by. We still hope that Instagram will allow sharing images on Twitter right again.
Hashtag FOLLOW! – This one will be extremely useful, allowing users to follow the hashtag and can see all the posts related to the main feed. #CatsofInstagram.
Questions you need to ask before it is “Should I Be Advertising on Instagram?”. Your business will benefit from exposure on Instagram? The majority of users are between 18-29, if this is your target audience then depending on your industry, can work very well for you as Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford it has for many of our clients.

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