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It is no secret that 2017 was a great year of innovation for social media. Facebook, in particular, has seen a considerable expansion with social media giant recently announced a growth of 76% year-on-year for Q3.

Despite the continuing success of the platform and addictive news feed algorithms, balancing the demand for advertising space and the growth of platform without negatively impacting user experience authentic was the main focal point for the company in 2017. CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave some insight into this plan during the post towards the end of 2016 when touched on this feed News 10 Birthday; “We have made some changes to the News Feed algorithm, and we continue to strive to gain a better understanding of what you find our community is valuable and what is not.”

One of the recent changes revealed early last month is a plan to counter the “Engagement fishing”. So what bait involvement and how will these changes affect your user experience?

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In a recent news release, Facebook explained that based on feedback from new users of this platform to put changes in place to reduce post trying to Compel users to interact with them. Anyone who has experienced before will be familiar with the Facebook News Feed posts that use “LIKE this if you LOVE FOOTBALL” or “SHARE to WIN” (we’ve included some photos below to jog your memory). Such writing is designed to manipulate the algorithm Facebook to generate high levels of engagement Digital Marketing Company in Southampton with the content of ‘artificial’ or clickbait that leads to the post being driven in the feed.

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