The Rise and Fall of Houseparty

The Rise and Fall of Houseparty

Over the years, technology has grown leaps and bounds. It’s never been easier to connect with friends and family during Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle this uncertainty. Skype and Facetime are still popular, but social media is still evolving to provide new applications specifically designed for video chatting. Leading the way is ‘Houseparty’, a social media platform for anyone connect to their friends.

What Houseparty?
Unlike competitors, Houseparty video chatting has taken to a new level. Which allows users to simultaneously chat with up to 8 friends separate. Although this may sound chaotic, offering party app-like feel by using a split-screen feature, split the party into the box a separate real-time.

When released the excellent security features promised applications and allows you to choose who you want to talk to, accept friend requests and user details. Ideal for their target market of teenagers while offering guarantees for parents.

The success Houseparty
While the whole world is in lockdown communicate digitally never been more popular. Teens can no longer go out and meet their friends so that they find their way to communicate with their friends using the technology in their hands.

With the advantage of receiving a notification when your friends are online and available to talk. You can choose to enter the conversation when you want or stay out of it entirely. It also allows users to play games with their friends allows them to have more interaction than any other online video chat software.

With the support of Ellen DeGeneres branded and partnerships with mobile game Head Up, Houseparty has grown in success since it was launched in 2019.

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Covid-19 has increased the number of downloads as countries around the world have put their citizens to lockdown so this has become a popular way for people to connect with each other. Google sees a spike around the search at the beginning of March when lockdowns come into force.

What is wrong?
With millions of users around the world, keeping the user’s identity and credentials are secure should be a high priority, but only recently have applications come under scrutiny and rumors of a potential hack. This application has become a viral hit because the state has put residents on lockdown which include social distancing and self-isolation, but only new users are afraid to delete their profile and the application itself since receiving word of a potential intrusion.

A large number of Twitter users reported that they had their Spotify, PayPal and bank account hacked into for downloading the application.

Epic Games, which creates Houseparty, recently issued a $ 1 million (£ 766 000) bounty for the first person who can provide evidence of a hack. Epic Games produced many well-known games including Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed so this is undesirable publicity for them.

Do They Get Hacked?
Although the hack is real Houseparty claimed there may be a variety of reasons that have no connection with the application.

Cybercrime is on the rise mainly because hackers are preying confusion and interest in coronavirus crisis. It could be a possibility that the user has sufficient Houseparty caught by another scam.

Social media may also play a role in the mass hysteria here too.

Many users have claimed that a friend of a friend has been hacked is usually a sign of a hoax. It also helps trending topics on Twitter are grabbing more attention and eventually captured the Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle attention of the designers. The more people talk more realistic appearance hack.

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