Top 3 Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic

Top 3 Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic

Social media has become a very popular and effective business tool that can be used to engage with their audiences, build brands, increase their sales and create an online community around their company.

But to increase the traffic of social Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford media and begin to see the effect this has on your business, you must understand your brand message and platform you want to lead. Improving social traffic also requires consistency and regular commitment to post relevant, interesting content and eye-grabbing.

We’ve put together a guide that sets your business presence and voice in social media, as well as provides three tips on how to increase your traffic once you are all set.

Understanding each platform and have a clear plan
In order to increase your social traffic is very important that as a business you have to consider all the social media platforms you want to post on, analyzing the benefits that they can offer, they will reach the audience and they will send a brand message.

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social media platforms come in various shapes and great to achieve not only current customers for your business, but also of future customers. With Facebook has 2.38 billion confuse users, Twitter with 330 million active users and Instagram with 1 billion, this network gives businesses the opportunity to reach far and wide, really fast.

Other social media platforms include:

All platforms have different strengths and weaknesses and it is important that you consider that will benefit your business the most. For example, Pinterest is a great creative, photo sharing platform that can benefit industries such as weddings and trips, more than love of technology and human resources.

It is also worth examining the demographics of the account holders of the different social media platforms, to ensure you reach the right people who will be interested in your products and services.

When researching every platform it is also important to consider what you want to accomplish with social media. Things to consider might be:

How much more I want Instagram followers within six months?
How often I’ll post on this platform every week?
What do I want the main message was on this platform?
Setting goals and objectives to grow your traffic to your social media pages will allow you to put the appropriate processes in place and work out what you need to do to achieve this. In addition, outlines your action plan and goals will highlight that every social network is different and what might work for one platform, it may not be for another.

Tip # 1: The Visual Content is key
For most of us who use social media, our attention span is quite small, as we find ourselves spending just one or two seconds to read the headline of an article, look at pictures or watch the beginning of the video to see if it’s worth looking over.

For businesses, it is important that your content is eye-grabbing and obtrusive to the user scrolling through their feed in social media. By following the hundreds or even thousands of different accounts, competition for attention is high.

A great way to make users stop and see your content then is to make it completely visual, so your audience can engage with it directly, without having to think about it too much.

Avenues worth considering to make a great visual content includes:

high level photography
bright colors
Visually telling tales
A clear message
Showing your services in a new light
One of the best platform to explore the visual content is Instagram, where your company can begin to build a visual space that users can enjoy browsing through. Instagram also allows Digital Marketing Company in Stafford you to create an overall theme for your image, in terms of the colors you use and the type of content, etc.

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