Typical Dishwasher Repairs and How Best to Handle Them

Typical Dishwasher Repairs and How Best to Handle Them

How did you live without a dishwasher? When problems arise and the appliance breaks down, you will soon know. There are some common dishwasher repairs that most people see at some point in the life of the appliance. Find out what the likely problem is and what is the best way to solve it.

When your dishwasher won’t fill
If your dishwasher won’t fill with water, there is likely a problem with the incoming water supply. This could be due to a clogged water inlet valve or a faulty float mechanism. Alternatively, the timer switch, pressure switch, or water inlet valve could be faulty and require replacement.

When your dishwasher won’t drain
A small amount of clean water at the bottom of the appliance is quite normal. However, if you see an excessive amount of water or it is dirty, there is a problem and the dishwasher needs to be repaired. Usually when your dishwasher won’t drain, there’s a problem with a clogged drain line, a bad drain valve, or a clogged sink siphon.

When your dishwasher makes noise
There will always be a certain amount of noise coming from your dishwasher, but loud knocks, bangs, and hum are not a good sign. Typical dishwasher repair needed when the noise level is too high include leveling the feet for better balance and replacing the inlet valve.

When your dishwasher leaks
The source of this problem often depends on where your plate is dripping. It could be a faulty door gasket or the fact that the door is not tightened properly. These problems cause water to leak through the door vents. Alternatively, water leaking from under the appliance could be due to leaking pipes and hoses or possibly a faulty pump seal. Corrosion can also cause dishwasher leaks, but generally this problem cannot be repaired and requires a replacement appliance.

When your dishwasher won’t start
t of the time it is an electrical problem. It could involve the wiring of the appliance, the outlet it is plugged into, or faulty electrical connections within the appliance.

All of these problems are beyond the skills of the average handyman or female. When it comes to plumbing and electrical, the best thing to do is have your dishwasher repairs handled by a qualified professional. They should be able to fix anything from hoses and plumbing to appliance electricity. If plumbing or electrical problems occur outside of the dishwasher, an appliance engineer should also be able to direct you to a qualified professional for that type of repair.