What Does Twitter 280 Character Limit Means for Social Media Marketing?

What Does Twitter 280 Character Limit Means for Social Media Marketing?

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When Twitter suddenly announced it would test the increased character limit of 280 characters on a platform, the mixed emotions felt by users and marketers alike. Some see an increase in positive change, how to share more information, without having to send multiple tweets. Others see it as a loss of what gives Twitter its unique charm; In short, concise updates from people you follow are their friends, business or people of interest.

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At the end of September we ran a poll on Twitter after the initial announcement and 42% of those who voted, said the number of characters should be kept to 140 characters.

After this morning we launched a new poll now that the 280 character limit has been launched for almost all users and resounding feeling is that many people do not want to change at all with 71% of people donate to No, I hate It!

For 11 years, the selling point of Twitter has 140 character limit, which means that marketers must be consistent creative to tailor their message to share in that line, while also ensuring that the message is delivered clearly and concisely for the target audience. It was conceived as a simple platform, and love it when your friends are saying: “I do not understand”. Twitter is now at risk of losing its charm.

How you can benefit from this change came with the good news:

  • You now have an extended character limit.
  • You can share more of your brand’s message in a single tweet.
    There she is. They are the only pro this change for businesses and marketers. However, the bad news is exactly the same:
  • You now have an extended character limit.
  • You can share more of your brand’s message in a single tweet.
    Let me explain; increased character limit can be a good thing if you use it correctly. What you really need to avoid is to fill the code with “waffle”, the text does not add value to the point that the content will not help your brand, or help get your message. It will be the bore and eventually they will choose not to read it, or at worst stop following you and contribute to your current audience shrink.

If your original tweet is 100 characters and describes your message well, then the additional character on that basis need to be ignored. You do not need to add additional content to the post perfectly in the existing form.

I do not like change.
We, actually in online Climb changes we LOVE and you should too. We accept it and we will, of course, be working with our clients to understand how they are as a business can benefit from the changes, while keeping in mind that “waffle” must at all costs be avoided.

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