What Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) & Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

What Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) & Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

In sales and marketing, there is endless talk about techniques to generate more leads – but what are you Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth actually going to do with those leads once you’ve got them on board?

Lead does not pay the bills, the customers do.

To convert those prospects into profits (sort of the whole point), you need to know you’re generating leads from people who:

Matches your buyer personas

Have a genuine interest in what you are selling is being

Being able to make a purchase

What you do not want to do is waste time and money on leads that do not end up buying. Instead, you want to determine the most valuable prospects for your brand and make it a priority marketing and sales strategies.

Google favorite description qualifying the lead, courtesy of MyCustomer.com

It started with a lead qualification, which allows you to prioritize your most important leads, filter out those you do not need and then improve your lead generation strategy to improve the quality of your leads across the board.

There are two main types of qualified leads you need to know about:

MQL: Marketing qualified leads

SQL: Sales of qualified leads

In this article, we will look at the two types of qualified leads in detail and how you can integrate them to drastically increase the number of leads you convert into paying customers.

What led the qualifiers?

Before we take a closer look at MQL and SQL, let’s quickly explain what lead qualification is, if you’re new to the concept.

lead qualification is a process that allows you to judge the quality of your leads. Basically, lead qualification will qualify or disqualify leads, based on criteria you define, so you do not waste resources on prospects that do not meet your needs.

For example, if you sell only to people in your area, your lead qualification system should aim to disqualify the prospect of staying anywhere else. Likewise, if you only sell to people in your country, then you do not want to waste resources on the prospect of living abroad.

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scoring lead this ActiveCampaign creating sophisticated lead simple qualifications.

In fact, your lead qualification requirements will be much more complex than that.

You have a number of buyer personas you want to target and your first job is to make sure the lead qualification you’re dealing with prospects that match the personas. At least, you want this kind of process in place for lead generation phase of your marketing strategy and the early stages of lead nurturing your follow-up messages.

The faster you can get rid of lead is disqualified, more efficient your marketing and sales process will be.

However, you can take the qualifying lead to a far more advanced level by using automation tools to qualify the lead at any stage of your sales funnel. needs and expectations of the prospect of change as they progress along the buying cycle. Which means this leads to brand value, you can change your message and marketing / sales must adapt to it.

Leading segmentation allows you to reassess lead and adapt your messages as user needs change.

For more details about leading advanced qualifications, see our extensive guide for lead qualification and scoring.

For now, though, we will focus our attention on marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads.

What marketing qualified leads (MQLs)?

Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) refers Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth to the leads that you have identified as likely to convert into customers. Contacts only becomes MQLs when they pass the criteria for what you consider valuable lead to look like.

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