What Tweetstorming and How to Use Tweet “Threads”

What Tweetstorming and How to Use Tweet “Threads”

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Take your umbrella, Tweetstorms here … following the roll-out of 280-character limit increase last month Twitter announced the launch of their new feature “Threads” is available on iOS, Android and Twitter.com.

“Threads” will allow users to send Tweetstorms, a series of tweets linked by a single thread, which allows users to share another form of content.

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Tweetstorms can be edited as many times as the user wants before posting. A spokesman for Twitter said: “We have made it easy to create a thread by adding the plus button in the composer, so you can connect and publish Tweets threaded mind you all at the same time. You can continue to add more Tweet your thread is published every moment with “Tweet the other” new button. In addition, it’s easy to see the thread – we have added clear the “Show this thread” label “.

This update comes after the reply to Tweet their own to create a thread and post content flow again when tweeting about a particular topic, event or rant Southern Railway related .

Every tweet in the thread, allowing you a 280-character limit of normal, and media, such as gifs, images, videos etc. When you’ve finished your tweet simply tap the + icon to add a new tweet for threads and posts all when you are ready to send.

According to an article by Buzzfeed, Twitter steps to allow users to send larger amounts of content to pay, SocialFlow determined that over 140 character tweets are being retweeted on average 26.52 times compared to 13.71 times for the tweets of 140 characters and under.

What are your thoughts on Tweetstorms and you Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle posted one yet? We want to hear your thoughts!

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