What we do to support the business during the 19th Covid pandemic?

What we do to support the business during the 19th Covid pandemic?

We are Netinspire, a Stoke on Trent based web design and digital marketing agency serving the UK with a focus on Digital Marketing Company Bath the area of ​​Staffordshire. Since the beginning of the epidemic Coronavirus, we have been committed to supporting small business / medium to websites and digital marketing.

Deferred Payment Option
We offer all our new clients deferred payment options where they can take up to 90 days to pay, whether it is 3 x monthly payments or pay in full after 90 days, this is something we can manage.

Adaptation Marketing Strategy
We have adapted the marketing strategy of our clients to ensure they get the most from our service during this time and also allow them to continue to sell and maintain their social presence.

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E-commerce store
Take this time to improve your online store, refreshing product descriptions and images, add new products that you’ve been wanting to add to the age, running discounts or offers. Look at the e-commerce store our offer of £ 499 plus VAT

Website & update
If you already have a website, we look to see what can be updated, you can remove the old staff members login from a web site, you can refresh the images or content, improve your main sales message. Update on our page to keep it running. Need a new website? Think about how many pages you need and start putting the content together. The fastest way to make sure your website can be built in a shorter time frame is to make sure you can provide as much content as possible upfront. We offer our services at reduced rates during this time to help businesses as much as we can.

booking system
After his lockdown started to ease certain that some industries will be flooded with customers and appointments, we Digital Marketing Agencies Bath can build a reservation system to an existing website from just £ 149 plus VAT. This will help you to manage the flow of customers and also will help the customers to know that they can book appointments, rather than waiting hours for a reply when you’re at your busiest.

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